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Friday, July 10, 2015

"BONG, BONG!!!!"

Anybody reading our meandering thoughts, knows full well the "TEN MINUTE RULE" we humorously, but lovingly embrace around here.  For those not to hip on the lingo, in short; due to the high volume of bicycles we run through on a day to day basis, we caution anyone visiting, who see's a bike he/she loves....but...want's to take time to think about the adoption, that it probably won't be here when they come back.  Oh....they almost always come back, thanks to shopping elsewhere (LOL!) so we coined the phrase, simply because that's the average amount of time someone else inevitably comes in and snags up the much coveted ride.  We have even gone so far as to tinker with the idea of finding a big stop clock to set after each person goes off to "think" about it. Yes...we have THAT much spare time!  Well, our dear old Uncle Chippie has been threatening to beat us to the punch, and yesterday he brought in the result of that obsession!  Now here's a man that epitomizes the boredom of retirement!  This display (slash GAG) clock denotes the rule, and is truly a DIY "RE-Purposed" gem!  Heavy sucker made from what looks like an old piece of chopping block, or countertop, and when you see the pic, that's NOT the result of a wood burning kit, but instead is the result of laying it down in the driveway of "Uncle Chippies Garage" and using a magnifying glass to burn in the letters!  SHEESH!!  Talk about dedication (not to mention the desperate need for a hobby!) Thank you sir for the wonderful chotsky that now holds a place of honor where all can admire (and gives me something else to dodge trying to get behind the counter! HA!)
HEY!  At least he aint burning ants! 
Yesterday we sent three rides to new homes as one gent snagged up the twin girls Huffy MTB'S we'd just put out (oddly enough, for his twin nieces!) and the 26" DBS for a young father looking to get the kids off the hand held and out in the sun!  Oh we are SOOOO happy to see more parents and grandparents coming too terms with the need to break the deadly addiction!
Got in, re-furbed and put out a really sweet 6 speed Ladies 24" Motobecane MTB!  Real sharp looking ladies Pink!  Ooooooo!
Today?  Not a clue.  Yet again, rides are slow to come in, and we jump them as soon as they do, so here's hoping!
All right, that's about it for today!
Hope to see you soon!

image 1
ONLY $70.00!!!


  1. Yeah, I think it's some kind of pull-out cutting board shelf. I picked it up on my walk home the other day from delivering a custom-built fixie to my cousin. And the wood weighed more than the bike. Woof!

    Oh, and for the record, I did have the thing up on a portable work table in the driveway to burn in those letters. They are done freehand with a three-inch magnifying glass in the brilliant heat of the mid-day Florida sun.

    Ain't nuthin' on TV...

  2. By the way, it took about three hours to burn all of that into the wood.

    (Should anyone ask.)

  3. WOOF! Well, all I know is it looks FAHHH-BU-LOUS!!!!! Thank you again, so much kind sir, for all you do for us!

  4. Does the red pointer count down or up?

  5. Well, the idea is that it would count DOWN the ten minutes, but the reality of thing is that the pointer is simply bolted up solid to just point at the ten.