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Thursday, July 2, 2015

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again...Hurrah, Hurrah!

WHOOP'S!  Struck a nerve there!  So too both sides of the argument in yesterday's discussion of the Confederate flag, the beauty of being an American is none of your opinions are wrong, because after all, they're just opinions!  You just have too take into account the reality of facts when you judge their validity.  History is always written by the victorious.  And as far as the flag we wave here?  Enh.  It's the fictitious symbol from the loosing side of a fictitious war, from a fictitious, short lived (but OH so sorely missed) television series, Firefly.  As far as symbolism into it as you will regarding where my allegiances lie.  In the end though, in the run up to an important presidential election, a lot of the hullabaloo is probably more about garnishing votes as opposed to genuine concern about Americans sensibilities, anyways.  Although why anyone would want to alienate Southern states is beyond me! 
So, aside from those interesting discussions, not a heck of a lot more to talk about.  Had a couple NASCAR pit stops again, and was thankful for the diversion, and chance to keep from getting rusty at turning a wrench.  Nope, nothing new and exciting for new stock either.  Have had several folks over the last couple of days calling to ask if we buy, but so far no one has brought anything in.  Probably took one step into the heat of their shed or garage and thought better of it! HAHA!
But seriously, my fellow Floridians...get out in the AM and stay diligent about riding!  You know you want to and you know you need too!  it's not so bad yet in the early part of the day, and the breeze coming in off the water is really cooling! 
After the morning repairs, plopped down at the 'puter again and banged out about four more chapters, and had real fun with one fight scene.  Again, surprises me how this thing is writing itself! Originally, one character introduced was supposed to have purely selfish motivations, but when it got to the battles climax, it seemed only appropriate that it turned to reluctance, and more the path of regrettable sacrifice for the common good, and a deep desire to help retain his fathers honor.  In the end , I felt it made the moment a lot more poignant, not to mention having a blast describing the aliens ritualistic feeding before the fight!  What a hoot! 
SOOOOO, today as I look out upon an imposing bank of gray clouds, I roll the dice and hope we don't crap out!
See ya soon! 

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  1. We have a choice of flags to fly here at Casa Loco. Calico Jack Rackham's black flag being the most commonly flown, with the fine Scottish Cross of St. Andrew coming in a solid second, and we do have the flag of The Conch Republic, should the need arise.

    Funny how those are ALL we have...