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Monday, July 27, 2015

Keeping Occupied On A Rainy Day!

Hidey ho good neighbors!
In lieu of the torrential rain yesterday that impeded the crew from arriving on time to open yesterday, Miss Angela made the executive decision to open today for awhile. A good thing too! Turns out, the morning into early afternoon was GORGEOUS! Folks were out in droves! Even from my vantage point at the bakery, I saw dozens of folks taking advantage of the fine weather to get out and enjoy the sun while it lasted.  Not only did they bang out a few repairs, but the sweet 21 speed comfort cruiser we finished up yesterday found a new home! Proof positive we NEEDED new blood! The gent who snagged it up has apparently been watching these pages looking for something new! Even before he hit Craigslist, he heard me talk about it and was set on getting it. We LOVE them folks!
Now,  by the humor of fate, the sun, of course did not last, and as we were fixing to close up the bakery, being laden down with three over stuffed bags of left over treats for the family, the rain came back as I was climbing on Greedo!
Good thing I double bagged the treats in plastic!  Once I got to the house to check in, the urge to clean kicked in!  Thing is, Elijah who is on house duty, does not feel the need to expand his responsibilities beyond caring for the girls, to include the necessity of keeping the house neat!  As the rains were making the round about and heading back, Angi had decided to close up and make a mad dash to the house to escape the downpour...they didn't make it.  They showed up like drowned rats, but were all in good spirits.  Usually such an inequity would leave Angi a little perturbed, but she was merely laughing it off!  Ahh!  The bliss of a busy day had swept over her.  As we stood chatting on the porch, waiting for her to dry off a bit, Owen, who was already wet from the ride home darted through us and flung himself out into the monsoon.  Momentarily, I had the urge to command him back into the house, but a reminiscent little boys voice in the back of my head, taking note of the fact that there was no thunder or lightning, figured "what the hell" let him have his fun!  FURTHERMORE that little voice pointed out, in no uncertain terms, that it had been quite some time that I myself had indulged in the simple pleasures of playing in the rain and puddles, SO, with no preamble I let out with a juvenile Comanche war cry and charged out into it!  This of course, took Angi totally by surprise, and her laughter alerted the remainder of the little guys inside that something "Fun" was happening.  Coming to the door, they all gaped in shock that normally resolute Dad was playing!  Noticing  them staring at me in shock, I summoned them with a wave of my hand, and that's all it took to open the flood gates and spur them on to join us!  What followed was an hour or so of frolicking about, playing in the heavy current of flood waters down the sides of our road, and "rainstorm basketball".  Oh man!  It was the most fun we have had in MONTHS!  Sadly, I eventually had to play the "responsible parent" as not only was I hearing the rumbling of thunder, but the rain was starting to get really cold!  Didn't want to cap off the fun with a round of summer time flu!!  Once dried off and resuming with the finishing up of cleaning duties, I set about cooking them a very special dinner!  We had several left over loafs of chocolate/raspberry bread (LOADED with chunks of chocolate) that had not risen properly but would slice out into perfect "French Toast Strips".  That, with a side of breakfast sausage was all we needed!  FILLING!  Well, they had the French toast, I just stuck with sausage and fried eggs.  Notice how when you hit a certain point in your life "sweet" just isn't all that appealing?
Of course, last week was not without it's growing pains.  As much as we are trying to adjust to the new schedule, some of the regulars around here are doing the same.  Having grown accustomed to seeing me shambling about each day, there have been a few a little "put off" at seeing a "lady" behind the counter when they come in, and ask "Where's the old man?"  I reiterate folks, even though she rarely dabbles in the repairs, she knows about bikes, as I have pointed out, she was the life's blood of this little enterprise for the first five years.  It was only due to the unexpected arrival of our two youngest that made her have to retreat from the front desk. But now, with the five year old headed to school next year, Miranda being the only home bound one left, Angi can dedicate the time back into the shop.  Believe me when I say, as far as running this place like a clock, and being way more chipper than me most mornings, y'all are probably better off anywho!  BUT, for those of you needing my input, no worries!  After surviving last week, relatively unscathed, I have a better idea of what I am going to be able to handle, SO my shop hours are M-Th 11-3, Friday? (depends on if I slept or not) and Sat 2.30-6.  If ya need me, I'll be there! 
Today, I hit the pavement and headed up here just as the sprinkles were coming.  Joy.  There's no telling what the day will bring, but we got some cleaning to do, anywho!  OH, speaking of cleaning!  We have a plethora of little kiddo bikes that have been out back for awhile, as until recently, we just didn't have the room to display.  BUT, now, as we speak, the boys are cleaning them up and we are going to have a blow out sale to get them to new homes!  With the new school year rapidly approaching (don't fool yourselves into thinking you have a lot of time left) you KNOW your kiddos are going to need a ride!  These little guys range from 12"-20" and we are letting them go for TEN BUCKS A POP!!!  Get on in here and snag 'em up while they last!! 
AND, PLEASE if y'all have any rides your looking to unload, come on in and show us your wares!  We SOOOOOOOOOOO need the stock!
All right, that's about it for today!  Hope ta see y'all soon!!

LORD!  I love their dedication, but sometimes you cannot test drive ALL the bikes.....

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  1. Man, whadda schedule. Lucky you're young!

    Me, I'll have the truck on Wednesday, so I hope to stop by and say hi to whoever's there. In the meantime, the outline for the new novel is rolling right along. A monster story. Got yer attention?

    Thought I might.