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Friday, July 17, 2015

The Times, They Are Ah Changing

Oh bloody hell!
Whoever's running the tap, shut the freaking thing off!!!
If you need me I'll be in the back building an Ark!
Seriously, I don't think me bum has been dry for a week!  I think it's growing moss!  This is bloody ridiculous!   Yea, I know...think happy thoughts!  But JEEZE!!!  Even the most stalwart of Veloist's are taking one look out their window, at just about any point in the day, saying "NAH!!"
I know, we live in the tropics so "suck it up!" 
As I mentioned yesterday, we did have a couple come in and grab up two newbies, as well as a few repairs and some parts for DIY'ers.  Then the rain really hit and it was quiet as a church mouse.  I was able to get a real sweet 26" Ladies Kaluna 7 speed cruiser together and that one took most of the afternoon.  WAY rusted out components, so ended up replacing most of them. 
Once I was done with that, had to sit down and start calculating how things are going to work around here once I'm pretty much out of the picture for a while.  Yea, if you didn't catch the update yesterday, I not only picked up the bakery job Thurs-Sun, but once I was back at the shop I  got a call from the manufacturing gig, was informed I passed the drug test with "flying colors" and could I start on Monday?  SURE!!!  In my excitement, I didn't do the math.  When I finally did I had to expel a huge "WHOA!" This is going to be interesting... I'll be working Mon-Thurs 4pm-2.30am, and Thurs-Sun 5.45am-2pm.  Yea?  You noticed that Wends-Thurs stretch?  YOWTCH!
Needless to say, this will limit the time I have here, But FEAR NOT!!  Angi, Elijah and to some extent, Kaleb will be stepping up to the plate.  We sat down and figured it all out last night so that we had mechanic coverage for each day, for the smaller repairs, and I'll be here Monday and Tuesday mornings, and Friday and Saturday afternoons to handle the bigger ones, plus building the newbies!  of course, I'll be doing the blog by proxy with the anecdotal input from Angi and the boys.  It has come to pass, that we are really becoming a family run business again, and I can't help but think that's a GOOD thing!  Honestly, the place needs an infusion of new perspectives, new energies and new personalities.  Angi has always been good with people, and in the beginning for the first few years of business SHE was the front man.  I kept buried in the garage and the back of the shop.  Of course, things shifted (and two more little bundles of joy came along) and it all became me.  I'm looking forward to seeing where things will go from here.  And if you have enjoyed the quality of what we do up until now, well, Angi is more a stickler than I when it comes to what goes out and more importantly how it goes out!  So there aint' no worries there!  AND, she is more prone to cut discounts for folks than I, so that's a boon for everyone! 
It's going to make for an interesting transition, and in the end, alleviate a lot of stress and uncertainty we have been enduring, just trying to keep things moving ahead!
Now you check out the newest addition, and I got some crash course training to do!
See ya soon!!

image 1
only $80.00!!

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  1. Alas, but we have two more months of rain and four more of heat. Welcome to Paradise. I look up at my fixie, hanging silently in the rafters, and a tear is shed. Or maybe that's just the humidity.

    Man I'm tired of riding bikes with fenders.

    On the plus side, it will be good to see your family back in the pitch at the shop!

    What fun!