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Friday, November 7, 2014

Trash to Treasure...just mind the bumps!

So, this will be an early morning "quickie" as I am bound and determined (and jazzed up on java juice) to get my bay back in order AND put away the plethora of spare parts I have littering the floor in buckets!  I have been so wham bam busy with repairs and new builds that it looks as disorganized as fern garden after Poison Ivy got angry at Batman!
Well, the sweet Schwinn MTB I put out yesterday didn't last past the morning hours, as a gent, having been procrastinating about getting on two wheels again, came in and snagged it up!  Of course, my morning was filled with coming up to speed on the repairs (thanks to ALL the wonderful folks for doing their part to pay the rent!) then DOVE into the newbies!  With ONE minor hiccup!  The men's Mongoose MTB I have had sitting here for a few days, finally made it to the rack, only to discover that it suffered from one of the worse ailments a bike can encounter (and one, unfortunately I ALWAYS forget to check for  before I BUY the bikes) and that is the dreaded curse of "rusted solid seat post"  ARRGH!!!   Yep.  When a seat post rusts, it fuses to the frame, and Thor himself couldn't yank it out!  SOOOO, needless to say, it became a parts bike!  BUT, that's not a bad thing as it turns out, as the classic Hunter I got in, came as a stripped down single speed, with a bum rear wheel.  The parts I yanked off were a perfect compliment to turn it into a sweet seven speed! 
I also managed to put out an ultra light Redline Mini BMX racer!  And in half an episode of MST3K!!!  (the "Leech Woman" to be precise!) 
Unfortunately, the only new ride I got in yesterday was a little 12 incher, but it's still a cool looking one!  It even has the "vroom, vroom" sound effect hand grip!
As every day, the three stooges were here in the afternoon (Logan, Owen and Rozy) and in the interest of doing something new, having recently watched the movie "The Little Rascals" they were inspired to build their own "Soap Box Racer".  Owen and Rozy inquired if they could go through the scrap pile out back and "engineer" one (yes, their words).  They were QUITE the industrious pair, and actually went through three prototypes until coming to the below success (well...they still have a few kinks to work out) I was quite proud of their tenacity! 
OK, I best get a move on, and clean up after myself! 
See ya soon!

The two proud "engineers" and their trash find creation...LITERALLY!!
"turbines to speed!"
ONLY $140.00!!
image 1
ONLY $95.00!!

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