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Saturday, November 15, 2014

That Is NOT Where The Screwdriver Goes!

OK, so three days would be too much to ask.
No, had a good night sleep, nothing wrong there. Actually, Angi ad I passed out REAL early.  No, it was a wee bit of physical "ouchies".  Stupid, clumsy me, yesterday when doing a tear down, I went to take of a grip and ended up sending a flat head screwdriver harshly, and painfully into the palm of my hand. Thankfully it didn't go straight through, the bone stopped it.  OW, ow, ow!
Angi gave me a pain killer when I got home, and pretty much knocked me out!
So, somewhat gimpy, I'm fixing to tackle an ever growing plethora of newbies, not to mention several more repairs coming our way!  TWO of which a re FULL refurbs!  One is spectacular!  Seems a lucky couple did a dumpster dive and came up with a vintage Japanese import COMPLETE with a gorgeous set of Shimano 600's!  And a gent brought in a cruiser for a full rebuild, based on the recommendation of several people stating we were the ones to do work on his ride!  Thanks for the kudos folks!  We will do right by him!
Anywho!  I best get at it, heavy chores to do!
See ya all SOON!! 

image 1
ONLY $70.00!!!

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