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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Adventures In Babysitting!

A wee bit of a late start for me this morning!  Had to send Kaleb in to open up as I was sidelined just as I was preparing to get ready to eventually proceed to motivate to get dressed in order to prepare to leave. 
(heh, heh...figure that sentence out)
As I was milking the last of my coffee, I (get this!) get a text from Elijah...who was IN the house!  He informed me there was plumbing issues in the kids bathroom!  Apparently, getting off the sofa, to walk the thirty feet to the front door, was a wee bit of a chore! 
At this point, having discovered the almost full sink, and the rapidly rising toilet, I sprang into Plumber Man action!!  Having dismantled the P-trap on the sink, I discovered the contents of half a roll of toilet paper and a selection of Legos had been crammed down the top pipe, requiring the use of a highly technical, master craftsman designed, specialty tool!  OK, so it was a bent coat hanger!  ANYWAY, having freed the multi colored plastic blocks, I reattached the pipes, and set on the toilet, with a broken plunger.  Oh, the plunger part works, it's just the handle had been broken in two, so you have about a foot left to hold onto, bringing your hands VERY close (and with vigorous plunging INTO) poo water!!  Once completed, I cleaned up the mess, and turning around, realized just how much of a disaster area the girls room was!  I do NOT know how they do it, but Angi and I had just cleaned the place two days before, and it now looked like we hadn't done ANYTHING!  SO, needless to say, Plumber Man was replaced by "Anal-retentive Man" and I cleaned that as well! 
Now, securely back in the sanctuary of the shop, I am back at it! Thanks to all the folks for the repairs they brought in yesterday!  I got all of them done but one, which is going into the rack wen I finish this up.
Also, yesterday was Christmas!  A hobbyist brought me in some SWEET goodies!  He is moving onto new projects so he was looking to liquidate those things "in the way".  Not only did we get a real sweet "Grocery Runner" in the form of a vintage Bianchi Sport, but a semi built, classic Peugeot road bike (with the split top tube!) but also a bucket full of loose ends, and some sweet vintage parts!  I was like a kid in a candy store, but far to busy at that point to really delve into them!  I finished up the Bianchi, and put her out (pic below) and hope to get to the other SOON!  I have two MTB's I am TRYING to put together as well, and a really sweet "Old School" Hunter (looks a lot like an old Jamis, Boss cruiser) so I am going to be a busy little bee today!  SAH-WEEET!!
So, with that, I best be on the go! 
Talk to ya soon!

image 1
ONLY $90.00!!!

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