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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Leveling Off....

So, the intrepid Angela is on the mend.  In a great deal of pain, though.  With all the hullaballoo over the last few days, our cash flow was strained.  Unfortunately she had to wait until the evening for me to be able to get her pain meds, so HOO-RAY for modern day health insurance!  What they DO cover is a much SHORTER list then what they don't!  Of course, due to her propensity for bad physical reactions to stronger pain med's ( AIN'T pretty!) she can only take the weaker stuff, so it dulls it a best.  Not to mention having to sleep sitting up, and the resultant neck pain in the morning from her head lolling down.  Of course, the children are not making her life any easier.  Sadly, the one rule you HAVE to except from children is that the majority of the little rotters are in it just for themselves!  Expecting them to lift a finger to help is an exercise in futility!
Spent the majority of the morning and early afternoon dealing with the backlash of all that has gone on, so I barely finished my repairs and a few tear downs (HAVE to keep the place clean, ya know?) BUT did finally start work on the recumbants we picked up a few weeks back!  Yes, I've been a wimp.  These are a couple GORGEOUS bikes, but, they sat in a shed for three years, exposed to the elements, and need SERIOUS clean up!  Not to mention having to replace a few parts, that sadly cannot be salvaged.  BUT the bodies are in perfect condition, so worth the effort! 
Of course, in the latter half of the evening, we had another ten minute rule!  When will folks learn!?  A very nice lady, looking for the perfect ride came in and spotted the Specialized Crossroads.  She had been to a couple other places and saw similar hybrids starting at $300.00, loved the ride here, but wanted to check out one more place.  I did forewarn her of the "Ten Minute Rule", she laughed and stated she'd "take her chances".
8 minuets later...
A very nice young man, looking for a Christmas present for his girlfriend, who has been riding a Walmart Mountain Bike trying to keep up with his Bianchi!
Later that evening....
She returned, despondent, as she had visited the "other shop" found another Specialized, similar in style and age, with an asking price almost twice what we were looking for, and "no where NEAR in as good a condition"
I really try and save folks from the trip, the hassle and the disappointment that they are going to get going elsewhere...but...some folks just have to find out for themselves.
NOW, it's back at it! 
See ya soon folks!  It' shaping up to be some gorgeous riding weather!

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