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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Is it Friday yet?

Daylight Savings Time ALWAYS messes me up!  For some reason I have been going under the assumption all morning that today is Friday!  ARRGH!  Also, Angi is taking today off from work as she starts a Holiday gig tomorrow with our friend Daniels design company.  If she hadn't, she'd be working eleven days straight.  So last night we did stay up on a Thursday "late night" of relaxation. 
Yesterday was another "catch up with repairs" day!  Thanks to all for the faith you put in us!  Only one straggler left to finish up this morning, as I took a little time away from repairs to try and get some newbies put out!  As it so happens, was only able to finish one!  UGH!  This one was one of those "buy the bike, ride it for two days then put it in the back yard for two years" kind of bikes!  The body was pristine and the tires had NO wear on them, but the elements wreaked havoc on the other metals!  SO, it took a SERIOUS tear down, and variety of replacements to give it a new life (not to mention a much needed shower at the end of the night due to stagnant water trapped inside!  ICK!!) Then it was back to repairs, in a flurry of activity trying to get them finished up! 
Once I'm caught up today, it's back to the newbies, as I have a sweet vintage Peugeot AND a Hunter that I SOOO want to make pretty again!  Hubba, Hubba! 
Short story!  One of those "It takes all kinds of folks" kind. 
Yesterday, had a sweet, blue haired grandma type come in looking for an appropriate step through type of bike to help her get back on the road.  Seriously, she was like "Mrs Doubtfire" only not as masculine!  As we talked, and I assured her I would keep an  eye out for her needs, she started to peruse the knick knacks we have on the wall, and lighted upon the variety of "Firefly" paraphernalia that's there, and her eyes lit up! She almost squealed with delight, and exclaimed I LOVE that show, and admitted she always found Jayne ruggedly handsome.  Upon hearing her interest, I proceeded to show off the remainder of our goodies and in a most "ungrandmotherly" way she put a faux serious look on her face and exclaimed "I aim to misbehave!"  Oh it was SOOO precious! 
Fox!  You SUCK for ever cancelling it!
Back to work I go.
Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho!'s the Schwinn!

image 1
ONLY $110.00!!!

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