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Monday, November 3, 2014

Starting With A Clean Slate....Unfortunately! it's SERIOUS!
Currently I have NOTHING adult size to sell!  It's not like I didn't pick up anything this weekend, it's just that they already sold! I mean even BEFORE they got in the rack!  I've got that Sony RB, I'll be turning into a single, and had meant to get to it Saturday, but so many fine folk came into visit and peruse the empty shop, that I had no time to work on it! 
Yes, anyone who has been reading this blog for a while, knows we go through this every year at this time, and yes constantly selling out is a GOOD problem to have, I just REALLY don't like folks coming in and looking at empty space! 
(YAY!  While I was typing got in two more newbies!!!)
True, the store looks tidy...but c'mon! 
Well, this weekend was a hoot. One of the other things that happens around this time of the year birthdays start to hit the house!  We have two in September and FOUR in November!  Unfortunately, both Logan and Kaleb's parties had to be postponed from the later half of September, due to the money crunch, but on Saturday Angi and I took some cash from the coffers and picked up some stuff for Logan.  And we got him EXACTLY what he has been dying for but hadn't been able to find.  A Dungeons and Dragons starter kit!  He squealed, hugged the box and started to cry with joy.  It SO sweet!  We had to stop him from running to his room and diving in to it so we could have cake.  Yes, the boy is definitely a "Gamer",  I have to give him a great deal of credit, though.  As far as Magic (yes, we got him more of tat too) he spends an incredible amount of time studying it, and has become a very masterful deck builder (he kicks my but almost every time we play!) so I envision him becoming skillful dungeon master as well!
This morning was a BEAUTIFUL start to the day, regardless of the cold weather.  Being daylight savings time, we gained an hour.  Waking up, as it turns out early, resulted in Angi and I being able to enjoy some quiet time before the kids woke up.  Very peaceful! 
So, this morning, having gotten my chores out of the way early, I'm going to dive into the rides and start filling up the floor again!
See y'all soon!

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