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Monday, November 24, 2014

"ARR! 'tis Land I see! Lower The Main Sail, Me Hearties!"

WOOF!  Weird weather!
Went out for an early morning ride today, and it was like being on the deck of a ship in high winds in the ocean!  Not rain, but a really thick mist that had me darn near soaked when I got back.  Hopefully the sun will decide to make a show of it and burn it all off!
Yesterday's day off was spent, primarily, having to keep Angi in bed and relaxed. A tall order given the children's propensity for making WAY to much noise 24/7!  It never fails.  She's just drifting off to sleep (she's having a heck of a time trying to stay asleep having to do so sitting up!) and someone bangs, yells or screams!  ARRGH!
And to make matters more of a challenge, this week being the Thanksgiving Holiday, all the kiddo's are home!
Of course, I took the most troublesome to work with me to give her SOME reprieve.  Logan stayed home to help with the little ones, and Owen and Rozy are with me.  The terrible twosome have a tendency to simultaneously be drawn to one another, but bicker and argue incessantly as well!   I just stick them in the back with movies and zone them out!  Occasionally throwing chunks of raw meat at them if they get hungry!
They hunt it themselves.
SO today...well, I gotta work on what I didn't work on Saturday! 
Yes, I was a very bad boy.  "spank, spank!"
But it's not my fault!!  Had MANY a pleasant distraction!  Many visitors with inquiries, conversations and over all just plain busy!  Which I have NOOOO problem with!  Quite a few "need it now" repairs, which we are more then happy to oblige! 
Sent a couple rides to happy new homes.  Funniest time was when a young lady was torn between the Huffy hybrid and the Iron Horse.  She test rode them both twice, and was on the verge of buying both because she couldn't make up her mind, but her husband reminded her she only had room to store one!  LOL!! 
Wish Hubby had stayed home!  LOL!!!
So anyway, today it's back to the rack.  The three wheel recumbent is still hanging there (when it doesn't fall over!  Thing is SO back heavy with the majority of parts stripped off!) and had a gent come in first thing this morning with a couple of "needs to much work to fix" donations.  One being a much needed cruiser!
(oh goodie...the terrible twosome are out back now arguing as they bang on something LOUDLY!)
Better go break that up.
Owen just came in with a discarded paver and asked if I would mind him trying to break it over his head.
It's gonna be a long day!
See y'all soon!

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  1. You lead a charmed life, my friend. a seriously charmed life.

    Can't WAIT to hear how the paver-over-the-head came out.