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Friday, November 28, 2014

Clear the Top Shelf! Hear Come The Leftovers!!!

We do so hope you all had (or are having) a great Holiday!
Twas' a NEW experience for us all around the old homestead, as this was the first year that Mom could only serve in an advisory position for the holiday meal!  Although, against my consistent insistence she did prepare the pearled onions,  Knowing that they are my favorite she refused to let me screw up the cheese melting and blending process.  Truly, you know that mankind hit the PINNACLE of its social and physical evolution, and that God is truly a wise and benevolent master when he allowed the muse to strike the saintly individual who came up with the brilliant idea of combining a warm cheese sauce with tender, miniature onions!  OHHHHHH Heaven!
Pretty much everything went off without a hitch. One small issue, I cannot believe either one of missed, was the fact that for some reason I ended up cooking the turkey, upside down!  BUT, it actually turned out that it cooked it real well!  The fats from underneath kept the meat even more moist! 
All the kiddos were in attendance, as Elijah and Jesi joined us for the day. At Mom's insistence of course!  It has long been a tenant in our household that regardless of where life takes them as they grow older they (and what ever families they create, WILL be home for the Holidays! 
Once the meal was enjoyed and the clean up reluctantly was accomplished, it was pretty much a relaxing remainder of the day.  Well, all except when Elijah was getting ready to leave and forgetfully came up to mom, as she was sitting on the couch relaxing and gave her an over the shoulder squeeze hug!
Needless to say the cry of pain she let out reminded Elijah of her broken collar bone.  Lord!  At this point another pain killer was needed and Mommas harness needed to be tightened!
Poor thing!
OK, so NOW on to today!  As it is Black Friday, there are two possible outcomes.  One, we get very busy as folks are driving home from the really big sales OR (and the more likely outcome) we are quiet and I get a lot of work done.
I really hope you good folks won't let the day go to number Two.
(did you get the subtle "potty humor"?)
Managed to get out another on Wednesday.  The majority of the day was spent with repairs, an one long running FULL refurb on a cruiser,  Just have to touch that one up this morning then it's o to more builds, so without further adieu, I best get at it!
See ya all REAL soon!
image 1
ONLY $65.00!!!

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