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Monday, November 3, 2014

Makes Me Chuckle, EVERYTIME!

So, finished up the Sony Walkman Solarspeed Fixie Flip Hub "Scratch Build" after a knuckle busting three hours!  And yes....that Sony Walkman.  Named after the forbearer of the MP3 player!  HA HA!  I take it down off the rack, take a pic to list it, then wheel it to the front of the store and lean it up against the window (in the really BIG empty space that USED to hold a lot of bikes!) and as I do this the saddest/funniest ten minute rule kicks in!
A gent is coming into the shop as I do this looking for an older road bike to turn into a fixie.  I show him the Sony, he picks it up (LIGHT as a feather) and says it's PERFECT and he'll take it.  I say sure, and go to ring him up, but he turns to the door and says "I'll come in and pick it up tomorrow".  Of course, as it is THAT time of the year, I assure him (out of courtesy NOT high pressure salesmanship) that is won't be here tomorrow, but he's more then welcome to come back and see if we have anything else he may like.  He then gives me a raised eye brow, chuckles and says dismissively "Sure it will be here" and walks out headed South down the plaza.  As soon as he turns out the door, two more gents, coming from the North of the building turn into our door (3 seconds earlier they would have bumped into each other!)  They, too are looking for an old school road bike to turn into a fixie.  Again I show them the Sony, and one of them road tests it and LOVES it, and drop the cash on the counter and leave with it.  About two minuets later (I have not left the counter yet) the first gentleman, on his way back North from the convenience store is walking buy with his purchases and as he passes, smiling contently, he glances in the window and does a double take.  Now the smile is gone, and he's looking intently in the store front for something.  Not seeing it, he walks back in and asks "Where did the Sony go?!"  To which (trying so hard to NOT sound smug) I simply state "I just sold it".  The look of incredulity on his face was precious as he stammered out "B..but, you just fnished it!  I had wanted to buy it!"  Surprisingly sounding somewhat annoyed at me.  All I could do was shrug "As I said, it would sell today." 
Seriously.  I am SO not kidding when I say, if you see something you like NEVER hesitate to but it when you see it!

Here's the gem in question!

image 1

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  1. Oh man, I'm sorry I didn't even get to see it!

    Obviously, you need to buld up more bikes like that.