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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Somewhere...Out There...Underneathe The Deep Blue Sky....

VERY cold.
You do the math.
And to top it off, once again, Department of Revenue wreaking havoc in our otherwise tumultuous lives!
It was a fun day!
In short, I have been working diligently with the state for over a year to try and take care of some back due taxes.  Oh, nothing like us trying to avoid them, but being from NH originally, where there is no sales tax, I made an egregious error in thinking that there was no tax on second hand items, so I never charged it.  Once I realized my error, I sought them out, gave them our numbers and asked "how do we take care of this?"  Thus began an arduous, maddening insane experience of trying to deal with two separate offices (Tallahassee and the local Largo office) that DO NOT communicate with each other.  Not to mention them perpetually losing paperwork I have faxed, mailed, emailed and HAND delivered over the course of that year.  Every time I would communicate with them (they NEVER called me) asking "where are we" I would either be transferred to a NEW case manager (where I would have to send ALL the paperwork AGAIN) and start from scratch!  After a long silence from them (as the supervisor now supposedly had all the info she needed and they were "looking into it") I had a NEW case manager contact me, who at first was very belligerent as she stated I had made NO attempt to rectify the situation.  Once going through the plethora of copies and communications I had with the other case workers, she begrudgingly agreed to look into it.  A day later she called back, apologetically, as she discovered, as I had stated, that the supervisor had my file (which at this point was about three inches thick with an enormous amount of redundant copies!)  She said she would "look into it" and get back to me.
Well, yesterday morning, during my normal routine of computer work, I poked my head into the bank account, preparing to pay a couple of bills, only to find we had a 0 balance!!!  They had frozen our accounts!!!  No warning, no call, no letter!!  After the maddening round of calling first Tallahassee, then transferred to Largo (and the prerequisite holds and transfers therein) I was referred to, YET AGAIN, another case manager!!  Again, I was met with incredulity and accusation, to which...I had FINALLY had enough and let him know EXACTLY how screwed up their office and systems were and that he needed to meet with his supervisor and figure this $#!+ out!
Chastised, he agreed to do so.  About an hour later I received a contrite call from him, yet again revealing that yes, in fact, she STILL had our file, and his move to freeze the accounts was in error!  Of course, I had to YET AGAIN submit MORE paperwork and need to schlepp into their offices in the morning YET AGAIN to sign papers to unfreeze the account!
As to be expected...I am a tad bit annoyed! 
BUT, not gonna let it git me down!  I still have a plethora of work to do (which unfortunately got shelved yesterday having to deal with THEM all day) and even more goodies to build.
SO, with frustration firmly simmering on a low boil in the back of my noggin' I'm gonna git to it!
See ya soon!


  1. Life in a republic, where cash is king. Good luck. =)

  2. An old Florida joke: You know why the State government exists? To make your local government look GOOD.

    Good luck, indeed.