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Thursday, November 20, 2014


WHAT an ordeal!
And I'm speaking, primarily, about the bus ride this morning! 
I left the house at 8.15 am and didn't get to the DOR office until 11.30!!
....three buses later (said in SpongeBob-ese!)
SO, this morning I set out on a sojourn of vindication, and arose triumphant!
Tired and haggard from my trip in, I paused at the gates of hell (Largo government offices) to collect myself, then with a deep inhale of resolution, set out to clear the egregious onslaught upon us.
Poised, not unlike a cornered Wolverine, I readied myself for battle, but surprisingly, was caught off guard by the warm if not contrite reception I received.  Ushered into a private conference room, in no short order I was informed, very apologetically, that it was IN FACT their error in freezing our account.  Furthermore, the "tax specialist" responsible for the action was "no longer in that position"!   Now, if THAT was not compensation enough, they did ALL of the following;  They had me sign and IMMEDIATELY faxed the letter to the bank to lift the freeze (although the bank will take up to three days to do it) and restore the full balance, as well as any penalties we incurred.  They ALSO have waived ALL fee's, interest and penalties on ALL back due tax.  They agreed COMPLETELY to accept my request for a payment plan on MY terms.  AND, although it is customary for them to collect a 30% deposit on the payment plan (which would amount to over $3000.00) they have waived THAT as well!!
Even the tax specialist I was working with (thanks David) was visibly surprised with the generosity of the supervisor, stating in all his years he had never seen this much done!  (and yes, I'm no fool.  I realize, that quite probably this action more then likely breached some laws, and I could quite possibly go and hire a tax attorney and sue the bajeebuz out of the state, but lets face it, it was MY oversight that made us owe these taxes in the first place, and with how much I would have to shell out for a lawyer?  It would probably EXCEED the amount of the taxes!  No, I just thankful to have this matter FINALLY resolved!)
In the end, I have to look upon this experiences as one of those times where you have to walk through fire, sometimes, in order to get the reward you covet!
SOOOO, needless to say, having spent the majority of my day on this, not a heck of a lot has gotten done.  I thank Elijah for minding the fort while I was away, and am now waiting for my head to stop spinning and getting my bearings straight.
oh yea, I did manage to get a couple newbies put out yesterday, in spite of it all.  Check 'em out below!
See ya soon!!

image 1
ONLY $65.00!!
image 1
ONLY $160.00!!!

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  1. Wow, Steven- You rock!

    VERY glad to hear that it went so well, as I'm pretty sure orange is not your best color.

    Hope to see you soon, WARM weather permitting!