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Monday, November 10, 2014

Zip In, Zip Out!

OK, just boppin' in for a brief second! 
Been all out tis morning since the get go, with a slew of repairs coming in that I have to jump right on as I have the bevy of goodies I picked up on Saturday that I am dying to sink my teeth into!  Saturday was no stranger to busy, and frankly I could have sent a lot more rides to new homes, if I just had more of them!  Just about everything I put out on Friday was gone first thing!  Again, leaving me with only a few to show!  But not a problem, as I am going to try to burn through the aforementioned goodies toot sweet! 
Also, going to acquiesce to the need, and haul down some of the "Needs WAY to much work" bikes from the house this evening, and see if I can't get some of them running again!  One in particular, the motorized cruiser we have had there for a couple of years, I'm going to stretch my mechanics muscles and see if I can get it up and running again!
OK, as I said, brief!  Now, on to work! 

YAY!!!  Side note!  Snowbird Season has arrived!  We mark it around here by the arrival of Mr. Dave!  He holds the distinction of being our very FIRST repair customer!  In fact, he is responsible for us DOING repairs for folks.  Yes, sad...we never considered doing it, just sold bikes!  Call me shortsighted!  Enjoy the season folks, and get out there and RIDE!!!

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