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Thursday, November 13, 2014

....Mr Bluebird On My Shoulder....!

Nothing quite like waking up in the morning in a GOOD mood!  Doesn't happen to me often, but this morning was nice. Had a very relaxing evening, quite enjoyable. Woke up early to get Kaleb ready for school and once he was up and moving went back to bed.  But, as I had a cup of coffee while waiting for him to become ambulatory I just laid there shifting around.  Afraid I would disturb Angela who was sound asleep I got out of bed and enjoyed even MORE coffee and several games of Tetris out on the front stoop.  The cool morning air, the RARE silence permeating the home only contributed to the Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy mood.
Got an early jump on the day, as I was already getting calls after 8 am, and have already done two repairs, a warranty call (minor) and picked up a truckload of NEWBIES!
YAY!!!  Even MORE to work on!  Doing the Happy Pants Dance!
Perhaps my jovial demeanor is due, in some small part, to the fact that I ACTUALLY got everything accomplished yesterday I set out to do!  Amazing, right?  I know!  Finished up the Raleigh M-400, which came out A LOT better then I could have hoped!  Took a while to set up the right replacement crank set (the original was the WORSE row of Shark Fins I have EVER seen!) but the end result is SWEEET!  Also, the HA-YUGE Ross Cross country came out REAL spiffy!  Sure, there are some challenges in the paint, but mechanically she is SAH-WEEEET!
The place is really starting to fill up again!  I know, sounds strange to sound like I am complaining about selling everything so quick, but it looks bad when folks come in to look and it's more vacant then an ethics lecture at the Republican Convention! 
(these are the jokes folks!  Catch up!)
Today, having even more pieces of candy to play with, it's anyone's guess which direction I'll be going in.  For starters, I'm going to put  a Zydeco/Punjabi mix on Pandora, and do some head pumping while I dig through the new pile!
Already got folks outside digging through them! 
See ya all soon! 
Oooo, 'fore I fergit! Check out the swells below!

image 1
ONLY $135.00!!

image 1
ONLY $170.00!!


  1. For those of you looking for a selection, NOW is the time to go see Steven and check out the shop. And if you are In The Know, two words to whisper when no one but Steven can hear:

    "Sports Tourer?"

  2. LOL!! Thank you sir, but they better RUN HERE!!! Going out as quickly as they come in!

  3. Glad to see you've got your groove back!

    Hope to see you next week, but no promises, what with my schedule and the weather forecast.

    Give my regards to Kale.

    (Small in-joke there.)