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Monday, November 17, 2014

Where is Storm When You Need Her?

So it's Monday.
My winning streak of good mornings took a bit of a hit.  Nothing major, mind you, but expected.
Can't always be wine and roses.
Inconveniently, our bank had a nation wide snafu with their computer server, on Friday afternoon of ALL times, and all their ATM transactions were ineffectual.  So, it being Kaleb's birthday celebration this Sunday, it was a little less then impressive.  But thankfully, our children don't whine or complain about things like that, and he got all the parts to rebuild his bike, plus some extras and a new video game to drone out to (which he did until eleven!).
Saturday was a humdinger though, sending several bikes to new homes!  Even had one very insistent young lady who desperately wanted the Panama Jack cruiser we had, and called Sunday morning...early hoping we were open.  Not so much.  But Kaleb offered to go down and meet her, as she works all this week and was afraid she would miss out on it.  Obviously, she knows how things work around here, and it definitely would not have made it until next Saturday!  So, she rode off happy! 
This morning, I still have a swarm (or is it, flock?) of repairs to put up!  Two of which are FULL re-furbs!  I anticipate, they will be the bulk of my day, but who knows, maybe I can pound out one or two more newbies, if I can get in a grove.  Late night last night, for some reason just could NOT fall asleep to save my soul.  Probably drank to muh coffee, as it is Sunday and I think Angi and I went through three pots! 
See ya soon! 
Oh yea, we do have a couple more from Sat.  Check 'em out!

image 1
ONLY $95.00!!!!
image 1
ONLY $70.00!!!


  1. HAPPY-BIRTHDAY!!! Kaleb, and best wishes on your next trip around the sun. =) Steve, if they've got stingers, like bees, they're a swarm. hope the hand is mending well.

  2. I like "a veritable plethora" of repairs. It's so "Three Amigos".

    By the way, Steven, I was schlepping bikes around in the garage today, and it occured to me that one of the bikes I bought from you some time ago is still one of the rides I enjoy the most: The Giant green Iguana. This mountain-bike-turned-serious-touring-roadie is my go-to machine for long miles and all day rides.

    Thank you, my friend, for Iggy.

  3. Thanks John. Yea, the hand is still a bit of an annoyance. Unfortunately, on Monday, while once again purging the parts buckets of scrap (which of course, the scrap was thrown higgly piggly to the back door for disposal) when I got up to pick it all up I slipped on a crank set and did an old man stumble to the floor, inadvertently using my bad hand in a vain attempt to break my fall, and twisted my ankle in the process. As I lay there, writhing in pain, the only thing I could think to yell out was "I've fallen...AND I CAN'T GET UP!!"
    Again chip, as always, you are very welcome! You spruced him up quite beautifully, and for a bike I almost considered scrapping, that's saying a lot!