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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Most indubitably! 
Yesterday, while slow on cash register time, was chock full of visits, GREAT conversations, a lot of sweet new goodies coming in AND some awesome new builds!!  And of course, as every day, several folks paying us the patronage of repairs!  SAH-WEEEEET! 
Put out a sharp looking Schwinn Trailway hybrid, a FULL rebuild on a very clean GT MTB, that we tricked out a little hybrid-ish! 
We picked up a soon to be NICE Raleigh M50 MTB.  Lightweight frame, she's in the bay now, and about to be outfitted with a NEW set of Shimano Deore Rapid Fire shifters.  I was SO lucky to have an 8 speed set hanging on the wall.  Now I'm putting them to use FINALLY!! 
No, I have not forgotten about the recumbent.  It's just that...well...given the amount of rustication they require...I being a little....procrastinant (is that a word?) 
PLUS, I still have a few easier rides to build.  One, is a HUGE older Ross Touring road bike.  I mean HA-YUGE!!!  The top bar comes up to mid torso on me!  BUT, I'm going to trick it out as a "Cross-Country touring bike!  Gonna be slick!
So,'s a little tale from yesterday, that, once again shows just how swell we really are!
Gent came in, somewhat downtrodden yesterday.  Recently moved/retired here from upstate California.  Back in '81 (or '86?) he bought a Trek 760, new.  Took real good care of it, but it is showing it's weathered skin.  He wants to keep the bike, has always enjoyed it, so he figured he'd have it overhauled.  So...he went....elsewhere!  AHHHHHH!!!!!  Of course the gambit of responses he got from various other shops in the area ranged from "oh, this bike is not worth it, why don't you buy a NEW bike?  Here this one is only a kagillion dollars!  We have financing!"  to over
$350.00 in new parts ALONE, not including labor.  Well, distraught, he was heading home from one of the other closer spots and happened to notice us while sitting at the light.  Swinging around, we had a very nice chat, I walked him through his options and after settling on a full refurb with brake shoes and cables, he'll get out for under $130.00!  Needless to say, his faith in humanity had been fully restored!  That's us, the Peace Corps of Bike Shops!! 
OKEY DOKEY (to quote my hero, Hannibal Lecter) on with work!
See ya soon! 

image 1
So lightweight and fast...couldn't get a clear picture!
ONLY $150.00!!

image 1
GT Mountain Hybrid Thingy!
ONLY $110.00!!

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