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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

There ARE Hills In Florida!

Last night marked the first OFFICIAL day of summer.  Well, at least in our house.  It may seem an odd, almost Redneckish right of passage, but in our neighborhood "Big Trash Pick-Up" is on Tuesday.  That's when the city will pick up anything put to the curb, save toxic or hazardous waste.  Therefore, Monday evening is the BEST day to find hidden treasures!  Like I said, Redneck!  This being the first full week of vacation, Owen brought it to my attention Sunday and since they have no school in the morning we can go out after dark.  Of course, Logan has no interest in such things as our absence allowed him full run of the PS3, a much more suitable recreating activity for one such as he.  Rozy wanted to tag along but she was quite unnerved considering how "dark" it was.  I have to look back VERY far in time to ever remember a time I was afraid of the dark.  I had to have been in the low single digits when I WASN'T comfortable in the dark.  Quite frankly, that is the one and ONLY thing I miss about living in Texas.  Where we lived you needed drive only a few minuets to find a spot, on the right night with hardly any moon, where your surrounding were almost pitch black, to the point of barely seeing your own outstretched hand. Now THAT'S comforting!  But for her, even with all the street lights, and house lights, she needed only look up at the night sky and become very frightened.  Shortly after leaving the house,  taking the first turn onto a different road, she became concerned we were going to be eternally lost and never find our way home as she hovered on her bike close to me.  The encroaching darkness between each passing street light filled her with dread.  After only about twenty minutes her incessant unease compelled me to return her home to safety.  Of course, Owen and I had different plans.  As the trash picking was a bust (nothing but a scant few piles of rotted lumber and tree trimmings) we opted to continue our ride for a while.  What was really fun is we discovered in our own neighborhood a few streets we had never ventured upon, and lo and behold one of them, in a more affluent part, consisted of a long, winding hill.  After exploring the first time, we opted for a down hill race.  Having recently replaced my old Knobby's with a sweet set of slicks, he and I pedaled the flat part furiously then crouched down into an aerodynamic position (well, as much as a plump pear can be aerodynamic) and flew through the neighborhood!  The second and third time down the hill we were both able to hit all the corners with such a fierce lean that no brakes were required!  What a RUSH!  Third time around we tried to NOT stop at the stop sign but use our momentum to get back up the opposing hill without pedaling.  We only made it half way up, but by the end of the evening we were both laughing and cutting up, but in desperate need of a big glass of ice water and another shower.  Well, at least me.  I think little boys LIKE being sweaty and stinky!
All in all, it was a LOT of fun!  I don't get much one on one time with each kid, unless of course I am forced to have to lecture them, and it was just nice to take the little guy out and play.  As much as I may raz on him he is a good kid with a very brave and adventurous spirit.  It's far to rare that I get to let him exercise it!
SO yesterday!  Summer is definitely starting to kick into high gear.  The humidity is starting to stick, and most folk are now doing their biking and related activities either first thing in the AM or in the latter PM.  We were busy from the jump, sending two rides to new homes, and tackling several quick repairs.  Then, with the afternoon heat kicking in, we slowed and used the time to pump out two newbies, but then got busy as the sun dropped lower in the West.  Same thing seems to be going this morning, as we just sent the DK home with a very happy young gent, and we prepare to figure out what we are going to do for busyness. 
I'll find us something!
Check out the newbies below, an I'm going to find something to work on!
See ya soon!

ONLY $105.00!!!
ONLY $95.00!!!

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  1. Alas, Roz, it does NOT get dark here any more. Those days are long, long gone. Truly dark leaves the vampires stumbling for flashlights and bats use headlights. In true dark, you can see the Milky Way. (Hint: NOT the candy bar.) I miss the dark.

    A pair of fine lines from the TV show M*A*S*H: "There's nothing in the dark that wasn't there in the light." "Why am I not comforted by that?"