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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rock and Roll (With A Steady Back Beat)

Rough night. 
Sat down for Friday Night Movie night, But it took a good hour for everything to settle down!  Once dinner was eaten and the girls bathed, we went to put Miranda down for night, nights.  Of course as is the normal routine, she needs about ten minuets of relative quite to doze off.  Now, a rationale person would not consider this an unreasonable request, however the other children are at times, unreasonable.  No sooner does she go down, do the other three get louder.  WHOOP!  Missing the window little Miss Miranda needed to come back out and run about for a little while later until momma got her back to bed.  Now, trying to settle back down to watch "the Lego Movie", we contended with Izzy's "ant's in the pants" squirming and as Momma was cuddled up to Daddy, Suzanne felt she needed to "claim" her territory by continuously standing up on Angi in an attempt to separate the two of us.  And she was rather persistent.  Eventually Mommy asserted her position and Suzanne eventually got the point.
Finally we all got to enjoy the flick and the kiddo's went to bed.
Now, at this point (around midnight) Mom laid out on the couch as I offered to wait up for Elijah and Kaleb.  They went to the late showing of Transformers and as we don't have latch key kids, we have the only set.  Well, I was under the assumption they'd be home no later then 1.00 am.  WRONG!  Apparently the movie started MUCH later then they had originally told me and as of 1.30 they were "still in the theatre".  At that point I sent them a text basically saying "door's getting locked, we are going to bed, don't wake us."  And we did.
I forgot what a loyal and faithful watchdog Suzanne is.  Around 2.30 we were roused by a loud cord of growls and barks at the boys entrance!  Once I had her calm, I went back to bed.
Miranda, who has taken to the habit of standing up in her crib and rocking it back and forth violently slamming it against the wall until someone comes in and gets her started doing so around 7 am. 
Needless to say once this little rabid Wolverine is corralled, diapered and dressed, you ARE awake!
Sooooo, movin' a wee bit slow this morning!
Well, due to the events of yesterday morning Suzanne is now skittish around the bike, not that I can blame her, and the ride in was difficult at best.  Normally, when you ride, you do sway back and forth  bit, and unfortunately each time I got to close she panicked and a couple times laid down and cringed.  So, realizing that it wasn't going to work, she rode the remainder of the way with Izzy in the buggy. 
Well, yesterday was rather quiet, as is unfortunately normal for this time of year, as the humidity has kicked in, but we are trying to keep ourselves busy.
Did manage to pick up one gem yesterday, though, A sweet GT 24" BMX Cruiser!!  Have not seen one of those in close to three years!  Gonna be real fine when we get her up and running! 
OK, that about does it for today.  Need to find something to do with my time! 
See ya all soon!

ONLY $105.00!!!

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