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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Definitely readjusting to the households new addition.  Suzanne is a good companion but I have quickly come to notice two things.  First: I'm doing a LOT more walking!  Not a bad thing, maybe wear off a few pounds! Second: Our neighborhood has a VERY active night life!  And I ain't talking Raves and Parties. Primarily Rabbits!  Yes, the title of this entry is "SQUIRREL!!"  but that is a general exclamation in reference to a dogs propensity to loose focus in the presence of tiny furry creatures (Watch the delightful film "Up!" for further understanding).  The problem is, she is SO distracted when I take her for her nighttime walk, she forgets to potty.  Then once inside the house....she remembers!  OY!  Needless to say, we quickly bought rolls and rolls of paper towels and bleach cleaner!  Other then that, she has been a real joy.  Very quickly she has become quite loyal, and does not leave my side.  Had it not been for Angi keeping her occupied last night I might have had to take her into the shower with me just so I could get clean!
Seems the one negative side effect of Elijah's job hit him (and us) unawares.  Working in close proximity to children day in and day out has exposed him to kid germs!  He lasted out almost his entire work week (as today and tomorrow are his day off) but had to come home early last night, looking like death warmed over.  All I can say is he needs to drink less soda and MORE OJ!!! 
Kaleb, who lately (fingers crossed) has been doing rather well, in all areas, has now been invited to engage in classes for Mixed Martial Arts.  Hmmmm?  Of course, its one of those "Try it Free For A Week" deals, so we will see how it goes. 
The rest of the kiddo's are doing OK.  Of course the evening, when we return from work, is a tad bit chaotic, as the new additions return from work with Daddy lends itself to them all wanting to play with her, and thankfully she seems to be getting adjusted.  Day time however, is an equal raucous.  Even though each little guy takes their turn at the shop, Mom has the rest.  WOOF! 
Wish I had a lot of other exciting news to report around the shop, but unfortunately yesterday was very sedate everywhere in the plaza!  It was SO stiflingly humid out, you wouldn't have wanted to spend 30 seconds in it.  A really good rain came later that afternoon to cool things down and we were treated to a FULL, VIBRANT double rainbow right out our front door!  GORGEOUS, right down to deep purple! 
Today, I am putting the finishing touches on a real nice looking Bianchi hybrid.  Everything else is completely caught up with so other then that, we are just waiting!
Please don't make us wait TOO long!  And oh yes!  If you have any kids bikes for sale!  We want 'em!  I have NO idea what happened but in the last two days we have sold all but two of the mass stock we had!  And the only time that usually happens is right around Christmas!  The nice observation is, that both parents and grandparents may actually be starting to put pressure on little Johnny and little Suzy to get off their bloody handheld and get outside for some fresh air and adventure!
WOW!  Here's hoping!
All right, Peace!  See ya soon!

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  1. And let's not forget you've got a way cool shop dog now- All the more reason to visit!