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Friday, June 27, 2014

Not A Good Start!

Oh I feel ALL kinds of lousy this morning!
Getting ready to head into the shop I couldn't find Suzanne's "runner" leash.  When we come in she likes to run along side of me on my bike, so I have an extra long leash that allows er to remain a safe distance from the bike.  As she is prone to occasionally make sudden stops or harsh darts (SQUIRREL!) I have enough length coiled around my wrist to quickly release while simultaneously braking so as not to harm her.  Well, we had no luck locating the long one so I had to settle for the shorter "walking" one.  I barely made it round the first turn when she saw a squirrel to my left and lunged!  Due to how close she was I had no time to react and I ran right into her!  She let out a horrendous yelp, and I feared I seriously injured her.  I threw done my bike to check and comfort her.  Thankfully there appears to be no injury, or swelling or limp but the part that broke my heart is how scared she was.  Confused as to why I hurt her!  I've been loving on her all morning telling her I'm sorry but she is still somewhat timid.  I feel like a real schmuck!  THEN, as if matters were not bad enough, Angi called when I was chastising myself and asked what was wrong, and of course my anger at myself spilled out.  I am NOT that good at "focusing" myself and berated the kids for taking the leash, as I assumed they did (as they have before) to which she offered to have everyone look "again" for it.  She called me back a short while later having found it, in the wrong place, where apparently I put it last night when I came in.
Imagine the cartoon image of a characters face turning into that of a Jackass.
So all in all I had NO ONE to blame but myself!
Well I'm going to try and focus on something else, so here goes.
Yesterday was a wee bit of a slow one.  The humidity being what it was obviously kept a lot of folks away.  We did manage to (thankfully) find a suitable little girls bike for a gent who has his grand kids down for a couple weeks.  He bought one for  his grandson on Tuesday, but we didn't have anything for her.  He kept checking back as she was being sweetly persistent, wanting to ride with her brother.  Yes, it becomes a priority when a child would rather ride a bike, then sit and play video games! 
Had a few minor repair drop offs and a few looky loo's.  At the end of the day, we also got in a truckload of miscellaneous goodies the primo being an older Cannondale commuter!  Will have to get going on that one shortly!
Also, finished up a FULL mechanical re-furb on an OLD Columbia Cruiser!  Originally I was going to fix it up and give it to Logan, but he wants something sleeker and newer as his next ride.  Worked out fine, though, as a customer came in on Tuesday and fell in love with it as a "sleeper".  Basically a ride that looks REAL rough, but is mechanically sound!  I think he'll like the finished  project!
OK, now we are rolling, feel my mind drifting from the bad...
I did get a bit of exciting news, though, when I turned on the computer and saw the news that Guillermo Del Toro has announced there WILL be a sequel to Pacific Rim!!!!  Yes, slated for a 2017 release it proposes to bring back all the original characters (well, except those that died) Although they didn't say the original cast?  It does make the mind begin to speculate, however.  Obviously, the inter dimensional aliens may have lost the fight, but more then likely not willing to acquiesce to defeat.  I can only assume that this films reality would probably realize this and, having witnessed the true effectiveness of the Jaeger program, have chosen not to disband it, but rather rebuild it as to contend with any potential threat.  Seeing as ALL the remaining one's were destroyed, should make for some "new and improved" designs.  Not to mention, the excitement of seeing where they go and as this IS a sequel, and ALL sequels seek to "out do" the previous!?  WOOF!  Although, I always thought, it would be an interesting look into humanities propensity for "forgetting" history and failure to maintain peace, that once they thought the threat was dealt with, old rivalries and petty international prejudices would raise their ugly head, and the unity obtained through fighting the Kaiju would crumble and the Jaeger technology would be perverted into weapons used against each other!  Thus the Monsters return and the lyrics from the classic rock tune Godzilla come to fruition...

History shows us,
again and again,
how nature points out,
the folly of man!

It will be interesting to see which way they go with it!
Speaking of movies!  Angi showed me the trailer to the upcoming Michael Bay flick, the resurrection of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
In a word... HOLY SPIT!!!  (OK, that's two)  Opening on my birthday we will SO be there!  Thank GOD it doesn't look like a rehashing of the whole "Pizza Spinning" turtles! 
OK, I best get to REAL work!
See ya soon!


  1. Steven-

    I have to thank you for the wire basket I bought from you the other day. Just finished bolting it onto my vintage English three-speed, and it looks PERFECT.

    You rock!

  2. And here.

    My current bike advocacy project is a detailed map of the proposed Lake Tarpon Loop Trail. Hope to do a research loop around the thing this week- and that basket is going with me!