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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dramatic Differences

Oh.  Really?
Wow!  Been a couple days since I poked my head in, and I apologize for that!  See, we have a routine around here, that I obviously have to amend a bit.  When we first get in, I do all my computer work, using a coffee break as an excuse to sit down.  After the run through updating Craigslist, emails, eBay, banking and credit cards I hit the blog and lay down my senseless ramblings.  Well, as summer is upon us, I have to readjust to the way work comes in.  As the mornings are a little cooler, most folks are doing their bike related errands within the first two hours and last two hours of the day.  By the time we serve them, then go on to the repairs, we are in full work mode and go right on to rebuilds.  So as an effect of that...I completely forget my desk duties!
And we thank all of you who have kept us WAY busy!!  We never grow tired of your comments and compliments!  One sticking in my mind really tickled my fancy!  Had a retired couple, taking in their grandson for summer break, looking for a bike for him to use when he was here.  A neighbor of theirs recommended they come and see us.  As they were perusing the stock the young man noticed the 16" orange Schwinn, and fell in love.  The really cool part was (considering just how new the bike looked) when they asked (apprehensively) how much and I told them it was only $40.00, their eyes got REAL big and they asked incredulously "REALLY?!"  Their amazement only increased when I further informed them that when he outgrew the bike they could return it for a 70% trade (minus any damages of course) of the amount they originally paid for the next size up.  OR, they could return it for 50% of their money back, should they wish, when he went back home.  Yes, another satisfied life time customer! 
We have also sent MANY rides to new homes, so much so that pickings are getting a mite SMALL!!  AHHHHHHH!  Pumped out two yesterday, and we are looking for more! 
On the home front!  Seems Elijah is doing rather well in his current position, as the boss man has now moved him up to full time hours and given him the title (in lieu of more pay) of "Senior Operator!"  At the very least he is starting to bring in cash to cover his expenses. 
Kaleb is here full time for the summer and has been doing a good job of keeping himself out of trouble, showing more of an interest in learning how things are done around here.  Thankfully I haven't had to whack him with a wrench in a few days!  He actually spent a day last week with Bullet learning how to lace a wheel.  Of course, he needs more practice (still has the common problem of the incessant humps) but he is one step above me in that respect.  I have laced a few wheels in the past, and quite frankly, I suck at it!  I have NO patience when it comes to something like that!  If I can't do something 100%, I move on.  Just way to easy to replace them! 
Mom, is slowly coming to terms with summer time angst, with a house full of bickering.  The baby girls routine being somewhat screwed up with three other loud mouths in the house hogging the TV time.  Unfortunately for the wee ones, it can't be all "Sponge Bob", "Paw Patrol" and "Bubble Guppies"!  Although they ALL agree on "My Little Pony".  Truth be told, I have even found MYSELF transfixed to the screen when that show is on!  It's kind of hypnotic! 
Angela made an interesting observation this morning as we sat outside enjoying our coffee before leaving for work.  As we looked out over the neighborhood we saw a young man strolling up the hill.  Very energetic and physically fit, he was reading the water meter.  As we watched him weave and bop from side to side flipping up the covers and typing in numbers on his little gizmo, she commented on the difference between his physical stature ad that of the men from the light company.  As she pointed out, the few times she has seen the light company come by to "read" the meter they would just slowly drive through the neighborhood, obviously processing some kind of "radar gun" type of gizmo that when aimed at the house somehow magically registered the meter.  Her observation was that the Electric company guys (the ones driving) were in much WORSE condition (think my belly with about another fifty pounds attached!) then the fit gent walking the neighborhood.
Go figure!
I think you can guess the moral of this story, hunh?
Today, with all repairs caught up and nothing new so far to work with, guess I'm going to have to get creative!
All right, with that, I bid you a good day and see you soon!!

ONLY $70.00!!
ONLY $80.00!!

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  1. Steven-

    I got to watch Elijah in action ther other day at the mall at the Bungee Ride down by J. C. Penney, and I have to say, you should be proud of the young man. He was packin' 'em in- there was a line! And you couldsee he that was really enjoying the gig, and was great with the kids.

    So: The being Father's Day, I think you need to know: You do a VERY good job of it, Daddy-O. Keep up the good work.