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Monday, June 16, 2014

A Boy and His Dog!

In a whirlwind of activity, we now have a dog! 
Last week, while perusing a website for a local dog rescue, regarding a small Jack Russell Terrier that the dog groomer next door is currently caring for, and Owen met and liked, I stumbled upon a picture of my dog, Suzanne.  A Boxer/Lab mix, I instantly fell in love with her.  With Angela's blessing, I sent an inquiry telling them how I felt, and within an hour I got an E-Mail back with a phone number urging me to call.  Apparently, she was impressed with my opinion and urged me to fill out an application.  Suzanne had been a rescue, but as the "foster Mom" had limited capacity and was getting in 18 dogs from Georgia, I could not have communicated at a better time.  We set up a meet and greet for Sunday, but we had not anticipated  that she would in fact be coming home with us that day, until I made the confirmation call Sunday morning.  Thanks to Uncle Chippie for playing driver and ferrying us all the way to lower Saint Pete (the GOOD section!).  When we first arrived, Suzanne greeted me at the door.  Apparently she shared the infatuation as from the get go we got a lot of love.  She was very affectionate and at one point casually climbed into my lap as we sat over paperwork.  Yes, it was a day of many treats!  As Chip drives a pick up, there was not enough room in the cab for all of us, so I opted to ride in the back.  Both he and Angi were concerned I'd be uncomfortable but I assured them it had been a long time since I relived my farm boy youth, and had NO problem in the bed of a truck!  We even got to visit and get the grand tour of "Uncle Chip's Garage"!  What a TREAT!  I am sworn to secrecy and to not divulge the contents, suffice to say it's a Wonderland!  
Once home, there was an obvious moment of overwhelming when we entered the house, as Suzanne cowered behind me briefly from the onslaught of excitement and outstretched hands, but rather quickly she became comfortable and began to explore her new home.  From the beginning Angela set the ground rules.  She is SO cute!  Trying so hard to remain firm in regards to "No dogs on the furniture", which very quickly became "OK, she can lay on THAT couch" which then became "OK, she can lay on that part of THAT couch!"  As the evening wound down, and we took her for an excited walk (with all the squirrels and rabbits in our neighborhood she was quite a handful) we came back in, put the kiddo's to bed and began to settle down ourselves.  Angi's back was bothering her a bit (we really are FAR removed from going anywhere in an automobile, and the jarring ride was a bit much for her sciatica) so she propped herself up in bed for a bit, while I took Suzanne for a final potty run and came to bed.  I set out a blanket at the end of the bed for her, but much to my surprise, as Suzanne rested her head at the foot of the bed looking soulfully at Angi, she actually patted the bed signaling Suzanne to join her!  WOW!!  Yes, Angi is in full sway of her charms.  And she really is a very excellent dog.  She doesn't even bark!  Well, once.  This morning around 6 am she woofed at me once and when I woke, and looked at her asking "what" she wagged her tail and turned her head towards the front door, then looked back at me with a "do you get my point" sort of look.  She was telling me it was time for her morning potty (although I do hope that she moves her schedule up at least an hour!) Thankfully, it was quick and we were able to crawl back into bed for another couple hours. 
To top off the day, Angi gave me the most wonderful Fathers Day dinner, one of my faves that we hardly ever have, Egg Salad Sandwiches!  A New England Favorite! Of course, I was blessed with home made signs and cards.  Actually, I will get the kids tonight, as we were so engrossed in everything else, we ran out of time.  But I did get a most loving one from Angela, not to mention a really cool handmade sign and crown made out of a plastic cup!  SWEET! 
Yep.  Couldn't be a prouder, happier and loved Dad then me!
So, if Suzanne will let me, gonna try and get some work done!
Oh, and as an added bonus, this morning I got in my Greedo Bobblehead, AND my 1996 Greedo Action figure!  COOL!  My old Schwinn is almost done!
See ya all soon! 


  1. Steven-

    I was absolutely honored to be a part of your Best Father's Day Ever. Ya gots yerself a fine animal there! (Can't wait to see her at the shop!)

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