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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dry Spell OVER!!

For those of you who came in last weekend to find us less the stocked, you can breathe easy!  As always, our fellow Floridians rallied to the cause and brought in a bevy of new goodies over the last few days which we greedily gobbled up and purposefully prepared properly! 
We banged away yesterday (after doing allllll the computer stuff in the am and early pm) and pumped out five more!  The highlight HAS to be the Lowrider Kaleb put together.  This thing was a wreck when it came in, to the point where I actually turned it down.  Yes folks, it doesn't happen often, but there are rare occasions when something comes in that looks SO bad, there isn't even a part to salvage!  This being a lot of custom parts, gold plated, but HEAVILY tarnished, they wouldn't even have worked with another bike.  The seat was about all I good think to do anything with, but the price the customer wanted was too much for just a seat.  Kaleb, realizing I was not going to buy it, stepped in and offered up the moola.  I thought he was crazy to invite that much of a project on himself, but it was HIS money!  Well, he showed me wrong!  After two days of hard work he put out this....

Sweet or what!!!  Check out his touches of personal flair!  The headlamp being used as a reflector and the chain "draggers"!  Yes, you can unlatch them and drag them behind you, just like a true lowrider (although you may not get going fast enough to make sparks!) Yes, he truly showed his skills on this one! 
The ones I put together were more function then form, however.  So he stole the glory for that day!
Today we will start off on the repairs before they start backing up on us, then finish with the current rides in the bone yard as there are only  couple left!  SOOO if you have something you are looking to sell or trade (or HECK even donate!) we will be GLAD to check them out!
Alright, I have jibber jabbered enough and there is loads of work to do (not to mention continuing the "Back to the Future" marathon we started yesterday!)
See ya soon! 

ONLY $45.00!!!
ONLY $70.00!!
ONLY $75.00!!
ONLY $60.00!!

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  1. Man, oh man- Kaleb done GOOD. That low rider rocks! And I'll bet if you find a hill steep enough, you can get them chains to spark.

    And I have to ask, Steven- Is that you at the helm of that trike in the new (vintage) masthead photo? If so, the smile gave it away.