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Thursday, June 19, 2014

How Many Games Are There?

Yea.  I am becoming a MASTER at Angry Birds!
Yesterday started off good.  Sent the Giant Rincon to a new home, and did a couple small repairs (Thank you SO much for the work!)  then...
The clouds rolled in!
Of course, every seasoned Floridian will immediately run for shelter as the big, gray ominous cloud banks loom overhead.  Even if they do not produce rain in the end, folks around here pretty much act as if they are.  Needless to say by about 1.30 we were dead.  The whole PLAZA was dead!  Heck, the whole STREET was dead!  So, having finished everything we could do...days ago...the boys sat on the floor engaging in the new age of communication.  Which is to say, the three of them sat glued to their cell phones, occasionally grunting or sharing short two syllable sentences to each other, all the while hardly ever raising their eyes away from their Facebook screens.  Yes, when James Cameron envisioned his Terminator as the technologically inflicted extinction of man, he was a little off.  I foresee an ending similar to the fate of the inhabitants of "Miranda" from Serenity, "They all just stopped...everything...and laid down and died!" Yes, apathy and anti social behavior will herald the end of man!
(he says while typing on a computer!  Yes, I DO realize the irony!)
Yep.  This is pretty much the way humanity is headed....

STILL looking for goodies to work with.  We did have a couple folks bring in rides to sell, but unfortunately it was of the "thought WAY to much of the value of their ride" caliber.  Yes, Cannondales are nice, but if they are twenty years old, and everything is rusted solid, they are NOT worth $250.00!  No matter how much you may think I am trying to take advantage!  Also saw a VERY nice "Old School" Trek MTB, kept in very good shape (although with a wee bit of surface rust) but when it was new, 20 years go, it sold for under $400.00.  This fact alone makes the asking price of $300.00 unwarranted, not to mention, OUR asking price (when all work was done) would only be around $160.00. 
Then, having been in a particularly jaunty mood later in the day, having been visited by a somewhat rude gent, looking for "our cheapest bike around twenty dollars", I met him with a broad, happy smile and gleefully showed him the awesome little 12" "cars" bike complete with training wheels for only $25.00! 
He didn't get it.  His reaction was one of incredulity, and stated "No.  I meant one that would fit me".
All in all, the majority of the day was spent conquering MANY levels of "Angry Birds: Star Wars", in a vain attempt to conquer the boredom!
Thankfully, this morning we have already acquired another repair, and I hold out hope it will be the beginning of a trend!
I have to admit, I really didn't realize just how much I missed having a dog.  Oh sure, I have to redirect my attentions, as with every new thing, I have a tendency to neglect the REALLY important things, Angi and the kids.  It's all an adjustment.   It was really bittersweet this morning as I got the kids up and prepared for the day.  Miranda got down on all fours and was scurrying about after Suzanne with her tongue over exuberantly wagging out of her mouth.  Rozlynd spoke up and said "I guess she thinks if she acts like a dog, you'll pay attention to her.  OUCH!   Yes, REALITY SLAP!  So I took a few minuets to just hold and play with Miranda a while.   But Suzanne IS impressive.  After only a few days of work, she now recognizes the commands "hold" and "come" and is getting a little better at recognizing "No Rabbits".  It is really neat being woken by her jumping on top of me and licking my face to let me know she has to go "Walkies".  I have to really appreciate Angi for her patience. I did have to insist that Suzanne sleep at the foot of the bed as opposed to on it.  As she tends to sprawl, both Angi and I awoke the last couple of mornings stiff, having slept in rater awkward positions. 
Guess I will break out the tools, blow the dust off, treat the rust from lack of use and take care of this repair.  But I am going to SAVOR it!
See ya soon!

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  1. Steven-

    You know I joke about daring you to "go Amish", but we both know how tough that would be. For starters, you'd need to have land line telephones installed at the shop and the house. (Ok, yeah, SEMI-Amish.) For all of you and your family to give up all of those little electronic toys, it would be a real shock. You'd actually have to talk to each other and DO stuff together. Could be an awkward scene.
    Or the best thing you ever did.