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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Look At All The Shiny, Happy People!

Again we thank ALL for making yesterday as exciting as Monday!  Once again I am grateful for all the kind words and reaffirmation that what we do matters to folks!  A clear cut sign of this is the ever increasing amount of referrals that come in!  Pretty much, business is split down the middle half from Craigslist and half from folks spreading the good word!  (Speaking of which, just had a gent we did a brake job for come in and give us the heads up that he sent four folks to us already!) And of course, there is the continuous repeat customers!  THAT is an AWESOME feeling!  We get to see other parents kids growing up on OUR bicycles!!! 
(funny!  Have ANOTHER couple, outside right now.  He bought a bike here last week and brought her in to trade hers up.  She's telling him she wants to check out another couple bike shops first and he told her "there IS no other bike shops!  I will only buy HERE!")
(yep.  He convinced her. They just bought the K2.  Of course, his intelligence stems from the fact that he's from Massachusetts!)
So, yesterday was a Humdinger of a work day!  Kaleb, for some inexplicable reason, opted to come in WAY early and snag the bragging rights to finish the re-furb on the Old School Mongoose BMX.  When I say WAY early, I aint' kiddin'!  7.30 am to be exact!  I was still chasing rabbits in  my sleep!  BUT, once I got in we pounded out a total of six new builds!  And, seeing as Kaleb found me a replacement adaptor for the computer, I can now download pictures again, so you can view their glory. 
Also, right before close last night we got in a BEVY of new VHS movies!  Obviously, the gent was a big time buff in the same hey day as me, as the boxes were chock full of all the classics from the 80's and early 90's with some more obscure ones for flavor!  Over 300 films in total!  SAH-WEET! I look at it this way, they may be "outdated" technology but one of two things will happen, we either will hit the nostalgia market (once folks realize DVD's are crap) or we will end up with one of the worlds LARGEST personal collections of films!  Win/Win as far as I'm concerned! 
No, we are not stopping with the six we did yesterday, oh NAY, NAY!  We still have PLENTY to work with (thanks to all the folks digging out their hidden treasures!)  A gent came in with a Low rider cruiser the other day, with all the turned medal and such (complete with a chain steering wheel) but all the gold plating was WAY dinged up.  I wasn't interested in buying it, though, as it was going to be WAY to much work to save.  Kaleb stepped in and offered to buy it, apparently he wanted a HUGE challenge.  With a little paint help from his old man, though, and I think he may just have outwitted me!  It is beginning to look like a pretty sweet ride!  On top of that, we have more goodies in the bone yard looking for a new lease on life!
On the home front!  Things moving along smoothly, every child doing there usual!  Last night, Suzanne was in rare form, and for some reason around 11.30 just got a burr up her but and went "play crazy".  Elijah, came home from visiting with friends who turned out to have a dog he was petting. 
Whoops!  Suzanne has shown she does not like it when she can smell another dog.  As soon as he walked in the cackles went up and she started to growl, bark and show teeth.  Angi was quick to react (a mother lion WILL protect HER cubs!) and showed her, in no uncertain terms, that growling at her kids is NOT acceptable.  Although, once Elijah took a shower, everything was OK. 
I best get a move on, as I have piles and piles of videos littering the floor I need to put away, then I need to get on to building bikes.
So...will see you soon!!!

ONLY $85.00!!
ONLY $120.00!!
ONLY $55.00!!!
K2 ZED 1.0 MTB
ONLY $110.00!!
ONLY $65.00!!

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