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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Back In The Fray!!!

After her long, arduous mean blissfully happy reunion with her family, Angela is back home! YAY!!  I actually slept last night!!!  A great man once said "the best thing about distant relations, is they're distant".  I jest, of course, but I think it's true for all grown ups who go to visit their folks, that you are instantly transported back in time, and all at once all the accomplishments and successes you made in your life are instantly negated and you are once again that gawky, unsure teenager trying to fit in, desperately seeking your parents approval while at the same time battling your own maturity and realizations that you don't really need their "thumbs up".  Some parents, of course are more capable of recognizing that their child is grown and they really should just except the choices their adult children made in their lives, and some are not.  At any rate, Angela was quite happy to be home with her husband and children, a little worse for wear, considering the lack of sleep she got while there, and passed out on my chest  while we relaxed after dinner in front of the TV, missing most of the first episode of season three of "Sherlock"
OH YES!!  My beloved Angela caught wind that Netflix had just put up season three, and we were most giddy with glee at the prospect of watching the latest!  That's the sign of really good TV, when the opening credits and music starts and you grin, clap your hands and wiggle in your seat with excited expectation!  And they did deliver!  This has to be one of the best, most imaginative series in some time, and of course it came from the BBC.  Unfortunately very little of American television even comes close to story, quality or interest.  Unfortunately, prominent on the American screen is boob's, beer, brawling, botox and boring.  Maybe someday they will figure out that we are not as stupid an audience as they think.  Then again, when reality TV and Fox News is the highest rated slop, maybe they have figure us out!
Yesterday, in anticipation of Angi's return, I tried to get as much as I could out of the way before her afternoon flight arrived.  I got through all the repairs toot sweet, then got to work on a few of the donations that came in.  Yes, we do love the freebies!  Folks emptying out their garages or finding goodies in the dumpster that they would rather see us rebuild and give a new life then have end up in a landfill!  So a big THANK YOU to all our peeps!
We got in a sweet batch of new movies as well!  Very nice lady who has had us service her rides in the past noticed the last time she was in that e bought them, so she brought a couple of boxes of VHS all in VERY sharp condition cases.  And she had some CLASSICS!  Among them, a couple I haven't seen in some time including George Hamiliton in "Zorro, the Gay Blade"!  Yes, it IS exactly what you think!
 Also had a VERY busy morning sending rides to new homes!  WOOF!  So much so that we had little to show the afternoon crowds!  Nature of the beast and all that.  So today, we will double our efforts to get out some of the new stuff and fill up the ranks again!
So to that end...See ya soon!!!

ONLY $70.00!!!

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