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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Over 250,000 Served.

And in conclusion, gentleman, I'm frickin' BORED!!!
We have about gone 'round the bend!  To the point of re-re-organizing parts buckets!  Oh, it's not that we aren't seeing folks, and we have sent many a ride to new homes, and kept busy with repairs, but we are just getting so efficient now!  I know, sounds like a weird thing to complain about but we get it all done so quick, we are kind of in a stagnant holding pattern until the next thing come in! Although it does lead to bouts of chaotic behaviour amongst the crew!  Had to threaten them with a wrench to the head a couple times yesterday just for them to chill out.  Three teenage boys in the same place, and language and subject matter can border on offensive.  Even Rozy (who's day it was yesterday) got involved in a boisterous burping contest with Andrew at one point.  Lord I'm glad no one came in during THAT one!  We did manage to put out one newbie.  It came in on trade, got stripped, cleaned, reassembled put out and sold in under one hour. Like I said, efficient.
As the headline pronounces we are OVER 250,000 SERVED!!!  OK, that doesn't mean we have literally serviced that many bikes (although at time it may feel like it!) no, that's the number of reads our little blog has gotten since the getgo! 
Since it's inception we have been viewed in over 100 countries around the world, by a multitude of folks.  Thankfully we have heard from some of them and in most cases it has been flattering, to say the least!  It has also been (to the chagrin of my lovely wife) a reason for a swell of pride in my over laden chest!  Please keep up the looks, and in the future I'll endeavor to provide you with something a little more interesting next time you pop by!
Today, with everything else done, Kaleb and I are rebuilding my old May 1977 Schwinn, "Greedo" (google the date, you will understand the significance. Hint: the name gives it away) into a single speed.  For "sherry and giggles" I'll put up a pick on Facebook when we are through!
All right, Back to it! 
See ya soon!


  1. Greedo! FINALLY! Man, I can't wait to see how that one comes out! Sure hope it lives up to your expectations. I think, in celebration, I'll get my single speed down- Pan, the cool green Peugeot.

    Nothing like riding on cloven tires.

  2. Funny Story! Always check your nuts before going on a ride! Kaleb did the majority of the assembly but obviously lost track of where he was on it. First time in the parking lot the left crank arm fell off. He forgot to put the nut on! Then, thinking I had it all tightened up I put the Klein back out on the line and rode Greedo home. As I was riding with Owen, I pretty much coasted the whole way, but this morning coming into work, I took a hard right from Union to Patricia and stood up to get across the street an WHOOPS! The fork went one way and the handle bars the other!!! ARRGH!!! so ANYWAYS, got to the shop and whacked Kaleb with the same wrench I used to tighten down the rest! So NOW he's tight and a real joy to ride! Can't wait till I deck it out with the yellow tires and bobblehead (not to mention the genuine 1978 Greedo action figure complete with balster!)

  3. And the moral of the story here is: Never let anyone else tighten yer nuts. Or not, as the case may be.

    It's Thursday night, I will see you Friday morning.