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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dog Whisperer

Yes, like a daddy with a new baby, she'd probably going to be the source of Blog material for a while, so just suck it up and read on!
Last night Angi had to step in.  In retrospect, that was nothing but good.
As has quickly become the daily routine, Suzanne comes into work with me each day, giving her a good run to and fro work.  She IS a runner, and likes to "Open Her Up".  Yes, I USE to be one of those judgmental types that thought it was a tad cruel to run a dog on your bike or Rollerblades or whatever. What I didn't notice or know, was there was a GOOD reason folks did this.  If you do not have the facilities to  allow your dog the chance to stretch it's natural compunction, they will not be happy dogs.  So with a little practice she has gotten really good, really quick at trotting along side of me on my bike.  I mean, lets face it, a runners body I DO NOT have!  So far the only real trick is being mindful of squirrels!  Whichever side of the road she's running on she wants to get at them furry tail little varmints!
So last night momma had filled up the kiddie pool and had it waiting for Suzanne when she got home.  She likes to lay down and drink a healthy helping of water after her run.  Eventually Angi and I moved to the outside table near the barbecue grill in the shade and tethered Suzanne to the heavy wrought Iron table leg so she too could get shade under it.  As Angi and I talked we realized there were a couple things we'd forgotten for the evening and as Kaleb (our runner) was at practice, I stated I would go.  So with a kiss or two I mounted Greedo and coasted down the driveway.
At THIS point Suzanne's loyalty to me became QUITE apparent!  Without so much as a leave she stood up and bolted towards me, dragging the 100 plus pound table and all it's contents straight across the yard.  In a way, it was  good test.  Even though the sudden disappearance of Angi's arm and phone support left her temporarily stunned, once it capsized and the leash became free, Suzanne had a moment of freedom, where any dog could have bolted and outrun a pudgy, middle aged man easily!  Even ON a bike!  But all I had to say was her name and she stopped, bowed her head and came right to me! 
HOWEVER.  This incident obviously inspired Angi to take a little more of a firm approach to Suzanne when we took our evening walk.  As I had said before, she is less then focused when I walk her.  As much as I am a sap for my children, so to am I for animals.  I have a tendency to allow her to lead.  Any good dog trainer will tell you that is NOT what you are supposed to do.  So that evening when we went out, Angi went with, holding the leash and directing her to stop and hold until she relaxed and walked beside us without pulling.  She got it pretty quick (although there is room for improvement) as when we were on the last leg of the block, she was not pulling anywhere near as much, and she had gained her focus enough to do her business BEFORE we went back inside.  Yes, my wife cannot only train kids and husbands but dogs too!  And NO, I will not ask her which is the most difficult to train because I already KNOW the answer to that question!
As I mentioned, Kaleb is quite liking his new found recreation of "Mixed Martial Arts".  I may very well have accumulated another expense.  He has been doing so well lately, the outlet for his energies may well be something worth supporting.
Elijah is still suffering the Kid Krud, but best get over it soon, as he is scheduled to work tomorrow! 
Plenty of rest and vitamin C.
Yesterday was quite a bit busier and we thank all the folks for coming into pay us a visit!  Yes, even the disillusioned soul who checked out the really sharp looking men's 26" MTB we have for only eighty dollars  and made the blunt,  ill informed statement,  "I can buy the EXACT same bike at Wal-Mart for only $40.00!!!  Wow. OK, so seriously.  That is, like, wrong on SO many levels!  Needless to say, at the VERY least, I am PRETTY sure Wal-Mart doesn't sell bikes that are five years old, first off.  Second: currently the lowest priced men's 26" MTB at Walmart is the Roadmaster "Granite Peak", and it's $99.97. 
Sometimes, peoples negotiation skills make me go "HUNH?!" 
But, I thank you for the good chuckle anyway!  It was a real Day Brightener!
Thankfully we managed to put out three new rides yesterday!  I won't even bother showing you the pic of the Marin road bike as it didn't last but a few minuets before going to  new home!  We do, however, still have a very sharp looking Bianchi hybrid and a sweet, old school Giant Rincon!

(OH BOY!!  Pause for a second here.  A new twist in Suzanne!  She's laying under the desk as I write, and came out to put her head on my lap for some loving.  Seems she is becoming a good watch dog as well!  Don't know what to think about this, though.  As I was petting her, Owen came from the back (he can move a little light and quiet at time) in a split second her ears shot up, she spun round placing herself between me and the noise and let out a VERY impressive growl (Boxers have the BEST growls!) and warning bark!  Once she saw who it was, however the ears went down and she started to wag er tail!  Wow.  That's loyalty!)

And for the time being that's about all we have to work on!  Several of our regulars stopping in yesterday were like "WOW!  Where did everything go?  Most folks are use to seeing a pretty full store, but I'll tell you that's NOT because we are EVER overstocked!  Oh NAY, NAY!  That's because we are CONSTANTLY rolling stock over, and building more!  Hence why, the two folks coming in yesterday to buy the bikes they looked at the day before were unfortunately disappointed to find they were not here anymore!  Trouble is, and this time of year is infamous for this, we cannot buy ENOUGH bikes to fill the demand!  So, REALLY, if you have a ride you are no longer using....(hint, hint, nudge, nudge!) Bring it on in!
I best go and do...something!
See y'all soon!

ONLY $140.00!!
ONLY $130.00!!!

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  1. Hey, NICE Bianchi! (But shouldn't Suzanne be in the photo, too?)

    More dog photos! More dog photos!