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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Never a Dull Moment!

So where to start!  First, school is coming to a close for the summer season, today being the LAST day! 
Logan was released yesterday after graduating WITH HONORS from fifth grade!  Wow...I never even dreamed of the day one of MY children would have the term associated with their name!  I mean, just graduating is shocking enough, heck I'm happy if they make it through a semester without leaving school in hand cuffs!  But HONORS!!  WOW!  Color me proud!  Of course, Momma was swooning over him as she attended ceremonies, and it was his choice on dinner and evening activities. The Dinner?  Hot dogs, corn dogs, root beer and twizzlers. 
Ugh.  Half way through my root beer float sugar overload kicked in! 
Of course, with every good "planned" event, it got ALL screwed up!  Mostly my fault.  Towards the tail end of the evening at the shop, annoyed by the staffs lack of productivity and a particularly ugly event with Kaleb, I broke into a tirade of epic proportions laced with a colorful stream of "Daddy Language".  This of course made me late from the get go, and I needed time to "calm down" at the house before engaging with the other children.  There is VERY LITTLE my kids can do that will REALLY upset me.  Only two things actually, raising their hands to me or their mother, or using profanity to their mother or me, Kaleb broke BOTH cardinal rules!  That's a LOT to come down from!  Quite frankly, the fact that I didn't give him a permanent limp and abdominal pain is quite telling of my self control.   Of course, there were other events stymieing our festivities.  Elijah informed us yesterday that he and Andrew were planning on "leaving the nest" at the tail end of July.  Presumably as that is when Andrew turns eighteen.  Not wanting to squelch their desire for freedom and independence, I still felt it necessary to put on my Bill Cosby face, and sit them down to figure out exactly HOW MUCH they were aware of what it was going to cost to be on their own.  As suspected, they really had NO idea!  Once having gone through the litany of costs they would endure, and how much EACH of them had to bring in each week, they looked a tad bit shell shocked, of course it was masked beneath young men's poker faces.  In the end, I can only do so much to prepare them for what they will be undertaking, and will sit back and bare silent witness to the proceedings.
Of course, Angi was not to thrilled with the amount of time I was dedicating to something that "had already been discussed" and voiced her displeasure.  At that point the conversation was pretty well wrapped up.  She was right of course, as I had completely lost track of time and once back in the house, realized it was almost eleven O'clock and Logan was waiting to play us a game of Magic.  Once again, as has been the case WAY to much , a child who does good is lost in the chaos of dealing with children who do bad!  I'm gonna owe him for the slight.
On to work, as I'm starting to get angry with myself again!
Yesterday was another blistering busy day, with several more goodies going to new homes!  Once all the computer and EBAY interruptions ended, I hit the rack to get caught up on the pile of repairs that had built up, so in the end I only managed to get one more addition out.  As noted, the boys sat about the floor, trying desperately to re spoke a wheel....for two hours....and there were TWO of them doing it.  Yes.  Two boys, one wheel, it wasn't work related, and they didn't finish it. 
OK...Sorry....not gonna go down that road again,
So, anywho, I put out a pretty sharp looking (but repainted...not by me of course) Ladies Trek Antelope.  No, it's not that it has a head badge or graphics, I just know what an Antelope looks like. 
(don't you hate that feeling that no matter how hard you try and NOT think about something, you do it more!  He is SO lucky I didn't hospitalize him)
OK, I gotta git my mind out of this and move on to some work, so I bid you all a fond farewell and I'm gonna pop in our newly acquired copy of "Zorro, the Gay Blade" and try and have a laugh and get my mind off this! Plus maybe I'll build something!
See ya!

ONLY $110.00
ONLY $90.00!!


  1. "Two bits, four bits, six bits, a peso- All for Zorro stand up and say so!"

    Man, I'll figure out why that film didn't win an oscar.

    And as for Elijah wanting to leave the nest, I will have to take exception to your tactic of making him analyze the financial end of it to dissuade him. You should have opened the door and pushed. College of the Street offers a fine education in life, the universe and everything, but offers no classes for the home schooled.

  2. Heh! You and Angi are kindred spirits! Again, I will have to refer you to my original analogy of myself, campfire marshmellow "Hard and crusty on the outside, warm and squishy on the inside". For me, as I had NO man in my life after the age of twelve, I had no one to help ME make the RIGHT choices, or at least push me in the right direction. Sure, I learned from those mstakes, but why not extend my wisdom from making those mistakes, and drill it into their heads before I push?

  3. Ah, see? You turned out GREAT! And so is Elijah, if you let him. So yeah, encourage the snot out of the guy, and get him out there in the real world.

    THEN you can have the last laugh!

  4. Was the respoking job a standard pattern? If so they could have checked out a number of videos on youtube to do it. My favorite is "thebiketube" its kinda lame but easy to follow. As for "a child who does good is lost in the chaos of dealing with children who do bad", IMHO, it's all the same in society as a whole. The kids are gonna have to stand for themselves when we are gone, enjoy the show and offer guidance while your here.