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Saturday, June 21, 2014

It's Amazing What Honesty Will Get You!

OK!  So here's where I get preachy, self aggrandizing and teach a morality tale all at the same time!
Yesterday we had a very nice lady bring in her old school Roadmaster MTB for some tweaking before the grand kids showed up for the summer. A special shout out to our old friend (not that HE'S old, just that he has been a friend for a long time. Got it?) Dave Foot from way up North, ay!  He has been giving out the good word about us for some time and it resonates to this day.  Dave told her about us and when she had a need, she came in.  Here's where the value of honesty comes into play.  Her ride was dusty but  otherwise in good condition, just in need of a good tune up.  As I was inspecting it, she mentioned she may want to put new tires on it as it had been sitting for while.  I did the pinch test and recognized there was NO sign of wear or dry rot. In fact, the original nipples were still on it.  I let her know in good stead that there was no point in spending the money, especially as the grand kids were only going to be using it for about a week.  This seemed to impress her, as well as the fact that it would be done that afternoon.  She had anticipated having to wait at least a week.  There's another surprise, why does it take other bike shops SO long to finish a repair?
Apparently she was so impressed she decided to bring in  her bike, a very SAH-WEET Panasonic, for a FULL re-furb, hoping to ride with the kids.  So, instead of lying and squeezing her for an extra $12.00 (yes, that's ALL the profit we are going to make on a set of tires) we told the truth and not only made more money BUT got a VERY loyal customer who INSISTED I let her have a handful of our flyer's, as she had ALREADY told a neighbor about us, but she wanted to hand them out at their retirement village meeting house!  And we KNOW how loyal Floridians are to good service and STRONG word of mouth!
So the moral of the story is "Pay heed to the consequences versus benefits of the short term boon, or long term benefits!"
Oh you didn't think I was bored of Suzanne already, did you?
Last night, after dinner, we all settled down for Movie Night.  As the seating arrangements are in flux while still enforcing the left hand rule (meaning that Momma always sits to my left, and I in my corner) Suzanne having become rather territorial as far as I am concerned, kept trying to take Mom's seat.  After a few minuets I had to gently push Suzanne to the end of the couch on my right.  Apparently this was not "cuddle" close enough to me, so with a little huff she jumped down and went to the other side of the sectional.  Well, kids are squirmy and each one wanted to sit with her, which prohibited her from finding comfort.  All the while she kept looking at me, bowing her head and thumping her tail, trying to get my attention.  Trying to stay strong and not allow her too much power in ruling the roost, I did my best to ignore her pleading Carmel colored eyes.  After a few minuets she hopped down from the couch and began to circle the living room adjacent to the couch.  I had thought she was just looking for a place to lay down.  I was wrong.
 Angela enjoys doing silk flower arrangements, so we have a number of lovely bouquets placed about the house.  One of them sits on the lower shelf of a couch table behind us.  Apparently Suzanne thought a gift may inspire me to  amend the seating arrangements, as she came around the corner of the couch and approached me head down, her tail wagging pleading eyes looking up at me...and presented me with a single silk flower gently in her mouth!  She barely disturbed the bouquet!  It was the SWEETEST thing!  Of course she got a big hug and even Angi was so impressed the seating was amended!
Thanks to ALL for coming in and paying us a visit yesterday!  Was a Whiz Bang of a busy repair day!  Eight repairs in and out and even managed to put out one new ride!  ALSO we got in a sweet bevy of vintage BMX rides in!  WOOF!  An old GT, Classic Mongoose and an Unknown.  The last one, unfortunately, had a cracked frame, but had some NICE Old School components on it!  They are attracting QUITE a bit of eBay attention as we speak!  We are going to build up the Mongoose today as it was the most complete!  Today has been a good Saturday so far, bringing in even more goodies!  Hope to have them put out soon as well!
Alright, that about does it for now, and we best get at it!
See ya soon!
ONLY $95.00!!!!

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  1. Let me see if I've got this right: Your dog gives you flowers? You, sir, lead a truly charmed life.

    And the dog ain't doin' so bad, neither.