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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Birds of Paradise

Funny thing happened on the way home the other night.
As I closed up shop the other night I was in the process of bringing in the last "outside" item, when I was assailed with the furtive squawking of competitive seagulls.  Apparently some careless clod had discarded their leftover takeout, obviously from the side of their car, in the parking lot, and two seagulls were engaged in a rousing chorus of "MINE! MINE! MINE!"  The container itself was closed, but their were some other debris they found very appetizing, next to it.  As they danced about each other, grasping for each little morsel, an attentive crow, lazily circling overhead, perched atop the adjacent sign pole and calmly watched the hyper active gulls ballet.  Within a scant few seconds, the crow effortlessly drifted down right between the two others with a calm demeanor, almost ignoring their presence.  Even though these birds are quite similar in size and stature, gulls must be the cowards of the avian world, and crows are akin to James Dean or the Fonz, because they immediately scattered away, only to circle around and land several feet away and continue their incessant screeching.  The crow was nonplussed.  Even more impressive was this handsome creatures intelligence!  Once he had retrieved all the remaining morsels from the ground, he turned his attentions to the latched Styrofoam  container.  With a slight cock of his head, he seemed to quickly figure out how the thing worked and with an effortless poke of his beak and a flick and push of his head he had it unlocked and wide open.  The gulls, looking on in perplexed wonderment, hopped and squawked more fervently at this point, amazed at the delicacies he unearthed.  Although he had no intentions of sharing until he had his fill.  Once he had satiated himself on what little was inside, he turned his attention to a small sauce container.  This was one of those little plastic pints with the lid firmly attached.  At this point I was in awe of his adeptness, and wondered if he could figure out how to get THAT thing open.  My silent question was answered quickly, as he pinched the lid with his beak and gave one quick snap of his head, separating the lid from the cup!  Of course, whatever was in their turned out to have no interest for him and as calmly as he swooped down was as calmly as he lifted off and flit away.  The two gulls, still incredulous to what they had just witnessed, quickly swarmed in to investigate that which he discarded.  Apparently they found it no more appealing then the crow, and with a string of squawks, disappointingly fluttered away, yelling at each other the whole way!
Fascinating what you can witness when you take the time to watch!
Yesterday was steady, but as before, we keep getting through things too quickly and are left with little to do!  The Bone Yard is now COMPLETELY empty, cleaned, raked and ready to be refilled.  Bone Row now only comprises 5 bikes, all of which awaiting pick up.  The parts buckets have all been refilled with the tear down goodies, EBAY is up to date and I don't think we could even sweep any more!  WOOF!  Luckily, I ran into our resident scrap guy, Terry, and inquired as to whether or not he had anymore lumber kicking about as we needed another shelving unit for the movies!  OH YES!  We have picked up ALLOT of collections over the last couple of weeks, and I'm getting a little tired of how cluttered all the milk crates acting as shelving, look!   So Elijah and I spent a few minuets yesterday afternoon putting up another one, and today I will spend some time reorganizing all of it!  Not so much a chore for me, as my mild OCD really LOVES to organize! 
We have a full compliment of crew here today, and I have them puttering doing "Busy Work".  Oh they LOVE me for that!
We did pick up another goody this morning on donation, needing a lot of work, and it's currently in tear down getting a new lease on life.
OK, so now I best get 'et it! 
Remember, get out and RIDE before it gets to hot to do it!  Then, grab some movies, set up the trainer in front of the TV and ride some more!
And here's what we got out yesterday!

ONLY $90.00!!
ONLY $140.00!!

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