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Friday, June 6, 2014

And....over we go....

Usually I respond to comments our friends make in the comment section but considering the amount of reflection I have made lately in response to our older boys (and the fact that our life can be so boring at times I have nothing else to write about today) I thought I'd dedicate this passage to reflection and response.  Both John and uncle Chip have offered up some very sage advice about dealing with young men on the cusp of adulthood.  The wisdom they have gleamed from their own life experiences is appreciated, but at times, hard for me to implement.
I'll explain.
Have you ever been in a car accident? 
Hollywood has often depicted this calamity in a series of swirling slow motion shots, as you witness the inevitability of the collision and the look of shock and horror on the drivers face as he realizes the futility of any course correction, and the sudden stark acceptance as they brace for impact.  Well, I'm here to tell you it really does happen that way!  Time really does seem to slow down as your mind and body scramble to avoid the tragedy, until that moment they except it, and any teachings you may have had about "going limp" is in direct conflict with the sudden rigidity that flows through your muscles, hoping in vain that locking your arms and gripping the steering wheel tighter will somehow soften the blow. 
I speak from experience.  I have, in my lifetime, been in 22 car accidents.  Two buildings, two telephone poles, 4 cars, 2 dump trucks, I cement truck, 5 ditches, 1 bleacher seating (don't ask), 1 no parking sign (OK, that one WAS funny considering that when my little Mercury Capri had come to a rest in it's slide it parked ATOP the no parking sign! The humorous irony did not escape my notice) two guard rails (fell asleep at the wheel for one of them so I guess I had gone limp) 1 hillside (and I guess a half a dozen trees on that one considering I rolled DOWN the hill) 1 food vendor cart (I try not to laugh but that one was kind of hilarious considering how the guy hopped like a jack rabbit out of the way!) and last but not least, one near miss, the entire forward pack of the 1986 "Boston Bike Marathon" head on.  We took a WAY wrong turn on our way to that weekends Comic Book Convention. 
My point is, watching my boys make the kind of decisions they make feels A LOT like that sensation of "tensing up"!  I see the course they are taking, I see the collision and calamity ahead and I so desperately want to make a course correction for them but I can also feel the "wheels slipping and loosing traction" beneath me.  I spend in inordinate amount of time, desperately trying to get them to see through the eyes of experience.  Yes, I do realize the futility of that.  They have to make their own choices and their own mistakes in life, but LORD sometime my brain screams out "I KNOW WHERE THIS IS HEADED!!!"  I am at constant odds with one side of the brain realizing this is their course to take and the other side that desperately wishes they will just listen and save themselves a LOT of needless suffering and sacrifice.  I still go through it with our eldest daughter, and she doesn't even live at home anymore!  Sad part is, I can also recognize it for the stubborn ego that it is, an unwillingness to listen to reason because it conflicts with the way they think life SHOULD be! 
Oh I can round and round about this BUT  I can only assume one of two things will happen, I will either except it or it will create an ulcer the size of a watermelon!
Yesterday started off with a bang, sending two newbies to eager homes, but petered off late morning pretty quick.  It did get a trifle stuffy outside and I can only assume that kept folks at home.  Although, for the record, I am a wee bit spoiled in the fact that I keep this shop as comfortable as a meat cooler, so if you need a break from the weather, give us a visit!
We managed to get one fresh one out yesterday.  Truth be told, we could have done more but that's it for the bone yard!  Yes, surprise, surprise!  We have run out of goodies to pick from!  I even got so light on things to do, I brought my OWN ride in for a tune and new tires!  I've been running my Klein on knobby tire's for a while and kind of got tired of the road noise and rumble, so I went with a set of slicks.  Plus, had to do a gear and brake tweak and even put batteries in my lights!  WOW!  Now hopefully with the brakes right, I won't get any more handlebars in the groin!  Not much of a much sadly.  We have been busy little bees, and all repairs done and done!  I think I may have to resort to processing parts!
PLEASE OH PLEASE!!! If you have a repair needed, or a bike to trade or sell?  ANYTHING? 
All right, I best get a move on!
Se ya soon!

Schwinn Link Comfort Cruiser!
only $85.00!!!!


  1. Steven-

    Do keep in mind that Uncle Chippe has no kids. All opinions offered are based entirely on my own screw ups, and as you know, we ALL have to screw up. That's how we learn, and we all learn all different. We all screw up in all new and interesting ways. All anyone else can do is stand back and try to not get hit by the debris. Now it's your tunr to stand back and be ready to duck.

    And laugh.

  2. It is a common man that learns from his own mistakes, a wise man that learns from others mistakes, but a fool never learns. Which one are you my son? And remember, mistakes are the only thing we can truly call our own.
    Now watching a small baby learn to crawl, stand and walk then run while you provide a safe environment for that is not too different from when they get older and learn to work, drive and dare I say date. Our hands become more tied and the activities become more involved but the approach staying the same gives a sense of consistency. Comfort they will appreciate hopefully at some point in their lives and that they will blame us for. Bracing for that impact is what I'm looking forward to. =)

  3. Gentleman, your wisdom is appreciated. My wife will and often does put forth the self same opinion, but in her own, more direct Irish way! LOL! I realize whole heartily that I MUST embrace this philosophy, and strive every day to just "brace myself". Although doing so goes against te very grain of my "protective Daddy" mentality.

  4. Ah, you see, my heritage is all Scottish: Clan MacPherson. We teach 'em to swim by throwin' 'em overboard.