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Monday, June 9, 2014

The Real Deal!

OK, so I'm  little late in my posting today!  I have two reasons! 
First, seems that some bigger, badder Internet carriers are infringing on the neighborhood and seem to be drowning out my Wi-Fi.  Took me until only a half an hour go to be able to get a signal!  So to Bright house I say go fu....nny yourselves!
Second, and much more pleasant reason, we have been VERY busy little bee's this morning!  Thanks to all the folks for coming in to pay us a visit, not to mention pick up a couple new rides AND some DVD'S!  I hope the gentleman who picked up the copy of Vamperella will give me a shout out and tell me if it was as bad as I had assumed it would be!
Also, this morning, I received another welcome affirmation that we are doing it right!  I'll explain.  One of the sad truths in American business today is the waning adherence to "Quality".  I refer to my recent experience with Roto Rooter as a good example of what I mean  (5/19/14).  It is our firm belief that if you build something, service something or sell something you MUST stand behind it!  Basic wear and tear aside, you HAVE to back it up!  This is why we offer the Fool proof, FULL no-hassle 1 year warranty.  However, even after more the seven years it still tickles me when a good majority of folks look upon this as "window dressing" or "mouth music".  Thankfully, not many of the rides we sell come back in for warranty work (I do hope that this means the rides are holding together) but a few do.  Of course, I hold no grudges against the folks that come in and clearly their demeanor and body language speaks to the belief they have that we are in some way going to renege on the warranty and blame THEM for the problem and try an charge them.  Yes, sometimes it happens that someone is just HARD on a bike, but in most cases they realize that they were the reason that something broke, and don't quibble.  And at times, a part just fails.  Case in point, this morning a young lady returned with the Huffy cruiser she picked up about a month ago.  Her chain busted a link and through off the tension. When they attempted to remount the chain it off set and loosened the rear axle.  When she returned today she brought her boyfriend (husband) in with her, doing his very best to be intimidating,  Oh not threatening or physical or loud or anything like that, just "present" arms folded across his chest watching us.  Heh!  Body language says it all.  Once I finished the tube replacement I had been working on, I set the cruiser in the rack and within twenty minuets had it up and running again.  Removing it from the rack I wheeled it up to them with a "There ya go!".  At this point the gentleman puffed out his chest preparing for battle as the young lady tentatively asked "How much was that?" Oddly enough he seemed rather confused and disappointed when I said "Nothing, the warranty covers it!"   A sudden look of "So why am I here" came over his face.  In the end, they left seemingly impressed that someone actually honored their word.  A rare commodity in today's business world apparently!
I have to give a brief MOVIE REVIEW!!!
No Spoilers in this one!  The movie in question is "Robocop".  Now, from the get go I was hesitant in watching this one.  The reason being is I am getting a little tired of remakes and reboots.  Hollywood is getting a wee bit lazy as they bring out and dust off some old "classics", especially the
Sci-Fi/action films.  The obvious reasons being, as they have so vastly improved the special effect they use old tried and true films to showcase the new technology.  Mind you, I use the term "classic" very tongue in cheek in regards to the original Robocop.  When I saw the original I was a little less then impressed.  Oh sure, the young teenager in me thought in unique and exciting, but the believability stretched ones imagination, an it was a tad bit quirky and juvenile in spots.  The though that an entire city could be so completely overtaken and subjugated by gangs was ludicrous, and the villains themselves so overly stereotypical and prone to senseless act of destruction and brutality was just silly.  Not to mention several unnecessary bouts of catch phrases and posing to make it laughable.  So I was completely unprepared for the remake as it was actually good!  All special effects aside, this one actually IMPROVED the storyline AND the acting 1000 fold!  This one even surpassed the recent remake of "Total Recall" in over all quality! So, OK, you have been informed
As the day marches on, we will be working on a few trades we got in this weekend.  They came later in the day, unfortunately, so we couldn't bang them out in enough time.  Once again, we are just so very ahead of the game right now, we are searching for things to do! 
All right, I'd bet get at it and do something!
See ya soon!

ONLY $65.00!!
ONLY $115.00!!
ONLY $45.00!!!

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