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Saturday, September 17, 2011

"This is what we DO...!"

(Sung to the tune of "This is what we do" from the TMNT soundtrack)

For, like a WHILE every time we get in an old wreck and before we give it new life, I have that momentary voice saying "You should take a before and after picture"  but seeing as it's the same voice that tells me to do "Bad Things" I ignore it.  Well this time i listen to the voices..(.no not when it tells me to where the Chicken suit and hand out at "Chick Fillet" and postulate on the Christian treatment of poultry) but when it told me to take a before pic!

We got this gem at the bottom of a scrap trailer along with some other better shape bikes, and was about to scrap it out, but upon lifting it noticed "WOW!  this sucker is light!  With closer inspection, under the layers of crappy paint laid a real sweet set of diacomp alloy brakes, and a set of grip like I have NEVER seen! High end Shimano Deore derailleurs, and shifters. Alloy crank set with biopace rings (lending credence to the estimated date of around '86-'87).  And most of all was a couple exciting tell-tale signs that this bike may indeed be an early Cannondale.  First is the squared of rear brake hold, the oval tubing and the seamless aluminum.  But even if it's not this is a gorgeous lightweight aluminum frame with some AWESOME components!  So Now the beautiful....AFTER
stripped it down to bare aluminum, lightly sanded then coat with several coass of anodized blue, then clear coated the bajeebuzz out of it!

Shimano Deore drive system with diacomp stamped alloy brakes with alloy on alloy crank and biopace rings!

new meat on the tires, check out the formed and stamped alloy brake levers!  SWEET!
ONLY $225.00!!!

So that's what we do folks!  Most all the bikes that come through here go through the same treatment as most of them come in in roughly the same shape!  We don't always paint 'em, but Ohhhhhhh they look HOT when we do!  Also, here are two more that went out last night, just didn't have time to post 'em!  All right, back to work now!

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