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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hunh? Who 'Dat?.....Who De're?

Forgive me.
Remember in your youth when you could sleep deprive yourself....for days.  With the only necessary motivation being simply to do it?  While only mildly requiring the assistance of a 2 litre bottle of Jolt.  Or No dooze.  Remember No Dooze?  Do they still make that?  Or did they take it off the market when one too many truckers drove their rigs through a residential area? (visualize the sarcastic pun)
But why is it when you're older and have need for an unending source of energy, none exists?  Or is it me?  Well, Izzy has hit the FULL-ON teething battle!  Poor thing looks like the remainder of her bottom teeth are coming in all at once and she is understandably miserable!  Which needless to say, after Angie's been dealing with it all day, I do the best I can to tale over, however...I'm not Mommy.  And Daddy's torso, while amply cushy and pliable, is not mom's!  So by the time Pumpkin' nodded off, Mom needed to unwind.  So we plopped in front of the tube, and there we foolishly sat until 2.30 am (re)watching the Pretender series.  (It's so funny watching a show from the 90's, that relies on technology, but the cell phones are as big as a Buick, and e-mail is a high tech form of communication)  Well 5.00 am came real quick. And even though it wasn't I who had to wake up the high schooler, I got up at 7 as normal with the elementary kiddo's and promptly passed right back out on the couch.  Which is not always a smart thing to do, as it makes you vulnerable to Owen waking you up. 
Wow!  That was a lot of rambling about nothing!  ANYWAY!  Put out two newbies yesterday 'midst all the re-pairs!  A nice 24" dual-shock 'bangah!  Also a total re-furb on a sweet!!!! Schwinn World road bike!  New tires, the works!!  Also thanks to the young gent for choosing the XR-75 for his latest mode of transport!  Got a cool cruiser in trade towards it too!
All right, I'd best get back to it!
ONLY $45.00

ONLY $175.00!!

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