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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oop's...I did it again...

(NOT sung to the tune of Brittany Spears "Oops, I Did It Again (unless you want a serious injury)
Well, Not sure HOW I did it, but I burnt out another cell phone!  This makes three in the last 60 days!  ARRGH!  So once again had to shell out another $70.00 for a bloody phone!  Not how I wanted to start my day!  but at least things got better!  Having a wonderful rainstorm!  OH yes!  Hot And Wet! Great if the shower!  But it 'aint no good in the jungle!
Anywho!  STILL had many a nice folk coming in to check us out!  Sold the Triax Aluminum first thing to Greg who's been checking us out on the blogger!  Glad we could make him happy!  Also, Thanks to Josh for picking up the Haro BMX!  Originally he was steering towards the Hyper, and even though it's a nice looking BMX, as he is a bigger teenager, i cautioned him that it may not...hold up.  Thanks for taking our advice!  Also, Thanks to Jeffery for making the trek up from Saint Pete to check out....the GARAGE!  That's right!  This adventurous soul braved the wilds of our garage (remember, we cleaned and organized it last month? didn't last!  The kiddo's have been doing their normal bit and have trashed it ONCE AGAIN!  But he's on the search for a couple of vintage bikes for him and his bride.  And as he has recently moved here from the North (New York) he knows the value and longevity of the classics!  Picked out a gem of a three speed to rebuild for him, and was enamored with Angie's vintage Ross, but will have to settle for another re-build for his wife.  Was very nice chatting with him, and hearing his appreciation for what we're doing here!
Managed to put out another nice dual shock MTB, but that's about it.  Sorry.  Have been VERY busy with a multitude of re-pairs keeping us hopping.  PLUS have several re-paint projects which of course take a bit of time!  ALSO  picked up a few real cuties today as well!  A ladies Diamondback cruiser (now in paint) a men's cruiser (in primer) an older ladies Schwinn cruiser (lots of rust but the bodies nice!) a 24' Honda racing bike, a simple Free Spirit MTB, a 24" men's "Daily Banger" and a Schwinn Jaguar (now in paint) 7-speed cruiser!  So MANY new goodies out soon!
So as it is now past the closing hour, I'd best get my tail in a hustle!
Mongoose XR-75 21 speed!
ONLY $75.00!!

hopefully the police will be able to flush out this stain on their fine community and wipe out the crime spree!

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