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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Out Of My Element

My usual routine was somewhat thrown askew today.  After finishing my morning computer work, I sent the computer home with Kaleb, as the kids have become aware we have Internet.  Well at the end of my day is when I do the blog, while the day is fresh in my head.  Once I come home and are exposed to children for more then a few minutes...well my brain turns to mush.
 HEY!  No fair!  I tell the jokes around here!
Anyway!  Once showered and in my jammies I sat down to yak about the day, but with the handicap of elapsed time as my erstwhile adversary!  So if I neglect to thank anyone, please accept my apologies.  Sold the ladies Condor to a sweet family searching for their daughter.  Apparently she is the last remaining family member without one.  Well now she has the coolest bike in the homestead!  Also thanks to the dad who picked out the cool XR-75 for his son.  They test drove a few and were very thorough, and settle on the cool looking one!  ALSO!  finally sold the Japanese Humpty Hump bike!  This one is hard to describe.  Has offset wheels and when you pedal the bikes rolls up and down.  Goofiest thing, but a young man and his dad came in, and once he rode it...wasn't leaving without it!  Had many a repair as well, and some long stored repairs picked up as well!
And a VERY Special shout out to the gent who, after 40 years donated his College Raliegh to us!  WOW!  Apparently was doing some garage cleaning and instead of pitching it to the curb, gave it to us to "do as we will"  Well, we will be paying this giant gem a great deal of respect with a full re-furb!  And will be giving some lucky person another 40 years of joy!  Thank you very, very much sir!  Also, a special Kudos and a "RE-Cycle No Prize" to Justin!  He finally figured out the problem with the vintage ladies Schwinn "World Tourist" 5-speed he restored!  Turns out the difficulty with the 5 speed FFS system was a misalignment in the shifter.  And it had me stumped!  The student has now become...the Master.  Very good Grasshopper!
Also put out a gorgeous full re-paint on the Ladies Diamondback 5 speed cruiser we got in a couple of days ago! She looks like a real peach! 
Well, hope you folks have a great night.  I have some wired children I need to put down.  I mean that in the "Putting them to bed sense".

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