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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For Just a moment.

I think head phone should be outlawed.  Ear beads, or pod's or whatever they are, they are retarding a generation.  I have been doing a impromptu scientific observation of family members (mine) who are habitual headphone users (not to mention cellphone Internet connections)  Currently there are three.  And what I have found out is apparently that I say things, I don't say, and don't say thing's I do say.  That when the obtrusive distraction is present, conversation is lost.  Important information is given, but not absorbed.  Only to be lamented at a later date, as to say "you never said that!"
So folks!  Remember the lesson of the Borg drones, and put the technology away!
Am I alone in this?
ANYWAY!  Had a busy, bustling day at the Dungeon.  Many a re-pair, as always VERY welcome!  Sold the little magna we put out to another "tired of walking" sale.  And managed to get out two more cuties!  A nice Ladies 26" Schwinn MTB.  And a rather unique looking ladies cruiser, coming complete with a nice front basket!  SWEET!  And tomorrow will finish up the vintage ladies Schwinn cruiser, and a Kool Kustom's low rider (although I'm swapping out the senseless 20" rims for 24"!) so keep an eye out.
Good night y'all!
ps.  Angie's been sending me more little snip pic's. Below I share a few.
ONLY $80.00

ONLY $75.00!!

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