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Thursday, September 29, 2011

playing fair!

Throughout the day we get bikes in, trade out, sell, and buy.  We keep the highlights for the end of the day but as soon as a bike gets finished we post it on Craigslist.  Well the below bike is so sought after that I wanted to be fair to the crowd that bypasses Craigslist and come straight to our site!  Yes, i know, I'm amazed too!  There are folks out there looking for bikes and they find us, and keep up with it.  kind of makes me feel all warm and tingly!  Kind of like when you put on a soft pair of nylon  I mean kinda like when your favorite football team makes a basket!  Yea...that's it!
Anyway...I digest.
here ya go... A LIKE NEW! (Genuinely...he rode it maybe 10 times) Schwinn Jaguar 7-speed!  The GEM of the comfort cruisers!  A LONG lineage behind it of FINE bikes! 
ONLY $110.00!!

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