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Monday, September 19, 2011

So much for the bell curve...

Just when you begin to wonder where every one has gone, they show up on your door step in droves!
PRAISE the Saints!  Several of the erstwhile looky loo's over the past week were good to their word and did come back!  Obviously this blog is good for something other then me ranting.  They've been watching it faithfully and picked out some gems!  And for true it was the ones I knew wouldn't last!  Thanks to Kelly, looking to get back into the groove of things picked up the Specialized Hard Rock first thing in the AM.  Her timing of course was perfect as a couple more folks came in wanting the same ride after she left!  And welcome back to the Bird Lady as she came in on Sunday to have a tube fixed on her hubbies three wheeler (that they bought here) and she saw the three speed three wheeler we've had for surprisingly too long, and fell in love.  She picked it up today!  I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did!  I mean a $400.00 bike EASILY and we were only asking $185.00?  WOW!  And to David, glad we could outfit your little girl with a ride as sweet as the one she left with!  Good to see that gem go to a nice home~!  Also to Rock, who got a killer deal on the Giant Dash!  He knew EXACTLY how much of a bargain he was getting!
Also as always, thanks to all the re-pairs for keeping us jumping!
We did manage to put out three new ones through the break neck day, but I forgot to take pics, and I'm already late for dinner, so I'll hit it in the morning!

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