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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Fall Birthdays Have Begun!

'Tis the season in our household! 
You would have thought Angi and i would have been more fiscally sound and staggered the births of our children.  As there are twelve Months in the year, and we have only 9 children, I think we could have charted the gestation period for a targeted month, pre-determined for optimum financial outcome.
I blame her.
Walkin' roun' lookin' all fine and $%!+!
But seriously.  We have 1 birthday in May, 1 in June, then 2 in September, 4 in November, and 1 in December, a week shy of Christmas (this one worked out ok for the first few years, we just told him his birthday was special!  And that in celebration of his uniqueness, he got a tree with pretty lights, instead of a cake!  And because he got so many more presents we felt bad and gave the other kids gifts too.)
But if you think about it, it would solve alot of problems!
Yesterday was Logan's tenth!  Had the cake and ice cream (with the industrial size spatula to scrape Owen off the ceiling) the gifts (he's back on Bak-u-Gan) and then movies.  After which the kids hit the sack.  Now Momma has a new toy in the house.  Got wireless Internet for the house. (we gave up on cable a few months back.  Over $100.00 a month...and STILL nothing on!) And she was in hog heaven!  Not only does it work on the computer but her 4g phone is now lightning fast!  She can Facebook at the speed of light!  I watched my contractual obligatory episodes of Family Guy (just finished downloading season 4) and then hit the sack.  her and the older boys must have stayed up real late surfing the web, for when I woke up this morning they were all passed out so deep, i had to check for a pulse! (Ba-Dum-Bump!)
Managed to put out one yesterday (I know, it seems like we're slipping) however, once again had many re-pairs as well!  (thanks to all!)  Also sold the Hyper to Marc, for his little girl.  he took several pics for approval.  And as a dutiful father, waited here while she checked the pics via phone to make a choice. 
Ahhh, technology!
Also traded out the Mongoose BMX for an "Old Skool" custom low rider.  Needs alot of TLC, but she'll be Sharp When she's done. 
Today we will hopefully get these paint projects together.  The bloody humidity back in the Dungeon makes it slow going!  So here's hoping!
ONLY $65.00!!

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