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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Still A Little Off.

Yesterday could be summed up as predictably peculiar.  The rain came early and stayed...with a vengeance!  Elijah, having the greater distance to travel home from school, had to camp out in the schools library until it let up...a little.  I got a call 10 minutes before the little guys were getting out to inform me that he wasn't going to be able to escort them home and had to scramble.  Thanks to Justin for lending me his ride to go get 'em (and "no" i have no problem getting wet, but I don't want the little ones to get wet.  Although having soggy britches is not the most appealing eventuality)  So having my day broken up in such a way (I am a sad creature of habit) threw me off.  Obviously the customers and looky loo's were at a minimum.  The upside to this was we managed to get the re-pairs caught up with and put out five new rides!  Oh Yea, we're good....we're good! Have another SWEET looking Mongoose XR-75, this ones like new!  Also a nice older Free Spirit "Daily banger Special" Full re-furb, but left the paint alone.  A real nice ladies Quasar MTB, a beginners BMX and a Haro Fox BMX, that is a steal of a price!  Nice components, and mechanically solid, but no paint.  So she has a few chips, but we priced accordingly!
And the real tell tale sign that folks around here are serious about their rides?  As soon as the rain let up around 6.30 folks started pouring in (like that little humorous play on words?  Wow!  I'm witty!) So needless to say I was here past my curfew.  'Twas cool though, helped out a couple of  "I need  my bike for work tomorrow!" 's, and got two sweet trades!  A nice ladies Schwinn MTB and a (soon to be) GORGEOUS Schwinn World road bike.  This one obviously sat in the elements for a while, but after a FULL restore will be a PEACH as the body is pristine!
Taking this all into account, leaving late I packed up the computer and headed home.  Once there and doing the shower and traditional "filling in Daddy on their day's" dealing with the stubborn teen angst (oh, yes...and the fact that Kaleb had another bike stolen from school (the re-built Redline that Mom gave him as a reward for good behavior at school...two weeks ago!, that he didn't lock up 'cause he lost his chain, 'cause he wore it as a belt, and lent it to a friend...etc.etc. et al, adnauseum....) ARRGH! And oh yes, the great "Cheesecake Debacle"!  Bill Cosby once said that "Parents with only one child don't qualify as parents"  I don't necessarily agree with that sentiment entirely, however, there is some truth to the fact that when that is the case, and something comes up missing or goes awry, you pretty much KNOW who did it (unless you have a father who sacrifices up his kids, when HE is the one that did the refrigerator pillaging.  Not that I would know of anyone like that.  *ahem* let's move on...)
So, solely on principal we had a half hour long "It wasn't ME!" fest on how the pieces of Mom's cheesecake got the middle of the night. 
in the end, you'll understand why i didn't blog last night.
I bet you though that this was all going somewhere....
ANYWAY!  Here are the pic's of the new goodies.  Now I am off to work!
ONLY $55.00!!

ONLY $80.00!!

ONLY $70.00!!

ONLY $75.00!!

ONLY $45.00!!!

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