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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

the good, the bad....and the countenance impaired.

So....that was a day.
Well, the good thing was all the folks coming in to pay us a visit, putting their trust in us to take care of their repairs.  We thank you for that!  We also picked up some real gems to be, i am slathering at the mouth to dive into.  A special note goes out to the wonderful couple who brought in two diamonds in the rough....way rough, sadly, but our hearts and prayers go out to you in your current predicament.  We have been therre ourselves a couple times, and sudden, unexpected homelessness is one of the real tragedies of new American lifestyle.   You both had a very positive, upbeat outlook on the whole thing and I hope it all turns around for you real quick!
Needless to say, my day was busy with repairs so the newbies sat...waiting for their new lives.  Unfortunately, they may have to sit out for part of the morning as we still have a couple more folks to get back on the road first.
Then...there are those who put value in their rides that exceeds our own.  Ugh.  It happens rarely, but every now and then someone comes in with something, and...well...I really hate to sound...insulting?  But they really don't understand the concept of supply and demand, retail, versus wholesale...etc.  Case in point, had a couple "vintage" bikes come in looking to sell.  Trouble is they were ROUGH!  And really...nothing special about them, other then the Schwinn headbadge.  Now, we know our market, and for vintage bikes?  Their barely is one, not at the prices some folks see on EBay that's for darn sure!  Trouble is,folks look at the "asking" price, and percive THAT'S the value.
 That's what the seller "Wants".  Oh...try and explain all this to someone convinced their bike is a rare treasure worth at least a hundred a pop.
I always try and tenderize the reality by explaining "this is what it's worth to us"  but, well...they get offended anyway.  I know in retail you'll never make everyone happy...but still, I feel bad anyway.
So, yea, there was that.
Then after the afternoon pick up at the girls school, i headed to the find a VERY sparse checklist.  Three hours work needed to be stretched to ten.  Ugh.  As the night progressed, and I noticed everyone else was walking around in the "trying to find something to do " haze I started to chat with the foreman.
Seems theres been a REAL slowdown...and quite possibly more layoffs coming.
Yea...thats got my knickers in a twist!
I am NOT a fan of the unknown, and the pensive, excruciating wait for the other shoe to fall!  Really...didn't need to hear that...TODAY!
Our only hope is the sales staff gets a fire under their collective asses and they sign out some more units.  My thought?  Layoff the under producing salesman and leave us alone!
Well...I can only hope my fingernails grow fast so I have something to bite!
Best case scenario?  Unemployment and more time at the shop!
Oh, Suzanne doesn't like me now.  Sitting on the porch this morning I usually let her out without a leash, but her last couple of darts at rabbits, and Angi's caution, has made it apparent she needs to remain on a lead.  She ain't liking it at all.  Well, if it means she doesn't get run over by the fast moving paper delivery? She's going to have to deal with it!
Alrighty....I best  get cleaned up and to bed
See Y'ALL tomorrow!
Oh, for those paying attention, had a GOOD talk with Owen today.  There are "extenuating circumstances " compelling him too "act out".  Sadly, i feel for the boy.  I am happy to say, we found some common ground to step upon, embracing each other, figuratively, and allowing him to see he does have a life line to keep him away from the edge.


  1. So you might wanna hold off on that motor scooter.

    Just sayin'...


    1. Yep. Way ahead of yA! Frankly, if I. don't. HAVE to have motorized transport, i am SOOOO fine with that!

    2. Yep. Way ahead of yA! Frankly, if I. don't. HAVE to have motorized transport, i am SOOOO fine with that!

    3. Yep. Way ahead of yA! Frankly, if I. don't. HAVE to have motorized transport, i am SOOOO fine with that!

  2. Dude: De-caf. Seriously.

    1. Sadly, switching to decaf would mean i'd be dead in under 48 hourzzzzzzzzzz