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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

So...I Should Just Put A Big A On My Shirt?

Every now and then things creep up behind you and give you a real reality head cuff.  Usually, in my case at least, it's not to subtle hints that I'm getting older.  Thing is, I don't "think or feel" like I am.  The impression I was always given as a whipper snapper was that with age came wisdom and a certain level of maturity.  Well... I'M WAITING!  Much to the chagrin of my wife, i really don't think I've grown up at all!  Aside from subtle changes in epicurean preferences, IE; preferring spicy/savory over sweet, and a few more trips to the little boys room each day (I refer you to previously mentioned eating habits)  not much in me has changed.  But, sometimes, something comes up ro remind me of the fallacy of my assumptions.  Today, had a gent bring in a couple rides for work.  An older Trek hybrid and a Schwinn World Tourist.  The later was his previous ride being repmaced and he wanted to spruce it up to sell.  I remember the particular bike as I  had one, new, as a teenager.  Nice sturdy ride.  After the work was done and he came in to pick up, he asked my opinion as to what he could get for it.  We've had several similar rides and i  gave him an idea of what a good asking price would be, but he countered with the statement "but it's vintage!"  To which I responded;  "not could be considered a classic, but a bike has to be more then 25 years old to be vintage"  He looked perplexed monentarily, then stated, "but it's a 1985 model!"  At that point the little voice in my head that runs the abbacus did it's quick calculation and before it could utter the words "DUH!"  The carbon dating tally flashed before my brain, flashing in neon " 31 YEARS!"
1985 was my graduation year...
The sudden irksome dawning of sickening realization kicked in that EVERYTHING I lived with was now....vintage!
Junior....get my shawl, lead me to the rocking chair and grab me some pudding, please!
I've been living in a fools paradise!
No wonder my kids think I'm not hip.
Well....anyway, that aside, I'll always believe I'll never truly get old....I have to much debt to take care of!
Speaking of which!  Put out a couple of real treats to help curb some creditors, but we need your help doing it (as in BUY the rides, people!)  The Diamondback we got in on trade was already in sweet shape, so it didn't need much and came out FINE!  THEN, polished off the gorgeous Trek racing tandem.  What a peach!!  As I said, someone is gonna get a steal!  The bulk of the day was spent with repairs though, thanks so much for your continued humoring of us, and we're  REAL happy to see so many folks overhauling their old rides rather then getting suckered in by some other shops to buy new ones!  That's right brotherman, "FIGHT THE POWER!"
(Sorry...watched "Undercover Brother" while working today, got ethnic there for a monent)
Anyway, check out the new rides below.
Had an interesting talk with Elijah today, a continuation of a lecture regarding personal responsibility from yesterday.  At some point in the discussion he made the statement, to which I have to acquiesce, that at times I can be a "dictatorial
Rather than take offense (to a statement that IS true) I came to the realization of the TRUE  meaning of that word....
@$$Hole: one who woll tell you the REAL truth, regardless of your opinions or feelings"
Sad reality is, most people can't handle the teuth if it contradicts their narrow perceptions of reality...thats why God created the @$$hole.
A mantle I proudly grasped long ago!'s freaking cold out here...not to mention WAY get inside!
See Y'ALL tomorrow!

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  1. Oh, that tandem is so gorgeous...

    And so dangerous...