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Monday, February 22, 2016

I want EVERY weekend to be like THIS!!

Ahhh!  Another week has begun, and I can embrace it with a little more zeal after a GREAT weekend!  Saturday was Angi and my anniversary, and for the first time in some time I ACTUALY planned ahead!  Swallowing my own fears of being on the water, I took her on an adventure she has always wanted to undergo.  We spent the earlier part of the evening on The Starlite Dinner Cruise at Clearwater Beach. Angi, upon seeing some of the other passengers being decked out in flashy splendor, commented on her concerns of being "underdressed" But, I was of the opinion she looked, as always, radiant and beautiful, whilst at the same time being properly dressed for the remainder of the evening meandering about.   Of course, I had to overcome an additional moment of hesitation when I realized it was a "...three hour tour...a three hour tour!"  Well, thankfully the "weather didn't start getting rough and the tiny ship was NOT tossed"  and we enjoyed an incredible dinner, quite a bit of time on the top deck enjoying the almost full moon and stars, and even got to watch Angi partake in some dance floor time.  Perhaps, in retrospect I should have joined her, but my self consciousness and two left feet in right sided shoes, prohibited me from ruining her fun!  Our server Brett, made it an extra special time, and it was so wonderful to see Angi BEAMING with delight upon entering her element.  She's very much a water spirit, whereas I am more Mountain, and the solitude that inspires.  Seeing the normal daily stresses drain from her face replacing it with a content almost excited, giddy smile was all I could have hoped for!  After docking, and not wanting the evening to end, we wandered out onto the Boardwalk.  Turning South, we noticed above us, on the top of the Pier 60 building, there appeared to be some sort of goings on, on the open roof top, so, infused with the courage of previously imbibed spirits, we opted to enter and find our way to the top.  Turns out, it was a roof top club, so we were not in fact crashing anything.  However, our stay was short lived as we soon discovered the service there was less than friendly and altogether disappointing.  So after finishing one drink, left to wander again.  From there, we hit the Hyatt, where the service was by far better, and enjoyed another drink on the open patio looking out over the beach, and I got to enjoy a very nice Churchill from their humidor.  Angi tried the multi-rum punch they had, and sat listening to the waves crash the shore (when there were no annoying cars blaring God awful rap music rolling past).  After finishing, we crossed the street and removing her shoes, touched souls with the ocean water, as I watched, passively enjoying the shared moment. 
Once she had her fill of soaking her toes in the salt water, we wandered again, in search of an Irish coffee.  We ended up at Crabby Bills, again, looking out over the water.  As fate would have it, there Coffee maker was non functioning, but Angi informed the bartender how to create a reasonable facsimile with Baileys Irish cream, cream and Irish Whiskey!  It was SPOT ON! 
Surprisingly, even having eaten just a couple hours earlier, we went ahead and ordered a round of garlic mussels, stuffed clams and shark skewers, thinking we could always bring home the leftovers for the next day.
There WERE no left overs!  WOOF!  I even used the supplied grilled toast wedges to scoop up every piece of sautéed garlic!  Heh! At this point, the restaurant closing, and in fact most of the beach apparently doing the same, we called our cab and enjoyed the last few moments of wave sounds, snuggling up on the outside bench.
All in all it was a FANTASTIC time spent away from all the chaos and trials of daily life, and we are both SOOO looking forward to when we can do it again!
Sunday, was one of recovery and leisure, or at least a reasonable attempt!  Although we had not hit the sheets much before three am, we were STILL up before eight o'clock, as the realities of home life burst through our blissful sleep!  Suzanne, having apparently ONCE AGAIN gotten into something that didn't agree with her stomach....well, suffice to say, the rug at the end of our bed needed a hosing off, and straight into the washing machine.  Once that was done...I was regrettably awake, and Angi was soon to follow, once she heard that my shuffling about and subsequent grumblings in "Daddy Language" had risen the girls, who promptly plopped on the couch and indifferent to others still asleep cranked the TV.
But, after coffee (a lot...) we slowly went about our traditional Sunday chores, but at a much more relaxed pace then normal!  I even snuck in an afternoon nap with Miranda. 
We closed out the evening watching a couple episodes of our newest "controversial" show, "Lucifer".  This show creates a humorous and almost sympathetic "likeable" image of Old Scratch, but perhaps that's why the religious right is up in arms about it!  HA!
Saturday, during the work day, was quite busy as well, taking in the usual flood of repairs and sending a couple to new homes!  YAY!  Thanks to all for your continued support! TODAY, I got a couple more fixers to bang out, than I am back on new builds, the one in my rack being another electric E-Zip being converted into a simple six speed hybrid.  GORGEOUS bike, but al the electric guts were fried.  From's anyone's guess! 
SO, time to crank up the Mysties and get to work!
See ya soon!!

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