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Monday, February 8, 2016

In Your FACE, Old Man Winter!!

Another Monday has rolled around FAR to quickly for my liking!
Saturday was a blur of folks paying us visits, I just wish I had more to show them!  I had every intention of banging out some new rides, but the flow of repairs was constant.  NOT that there's a problem with  that!  Oh, Nay, Nay!  But before I knew it, it was past closing time!  On top of all the busyness, about three in the afternoon had a gent cleaning out his garage and brought in a HUGE bevy of "slightly loved" parts!  Some of them, had not even been used.  Apparently he bought out the leftovers from one of the other smaller bike shops that closed up, and they were primarily the "pulls" from upgrades of new buys, so saw no use at all.  SAH-WEET!!!  And they were all things we could use!  A bucket full of nice seats, several top of the line wheel sets, alloy seat posts. tires, tubes etc..
The Miyata we put together did go to a new home.  The couple that came in Saturday looking for the Diamondback that had already sold didn't hesitate to snag it up this time around, and in return, traded in a real decent men's Diamondback, too boot! 
Sunday, was more of the traditional "weekly" purge of refuse and debris from a week of "kiddo-tastrophes".  On top of all that, I had to go clothes shopping!  ARRGH!!  I loathe shopping!  BUT, as our dryer decided to take a powder a few weeks back and we just haven't gotten around to picking up another one, we have been doing weekly jaunts to the laundry matt.  Trouble is, we missed last weeks run as we had a lot of other things going on.  As it turns out, my bag of clothes, presumably safe in a bag in the laundry room, had in fact been added too.  Someone had taken some wet clothes from the bathroom and placed it in my bag...and never informed me.  When we went to organize everything Saturday night...Well, "Earthen Smell" didn't do the smell justice.  With regret and a pinched nose I deposited the entirety into the trash barrel, and made the declaration I was going to the thrift store for new goodies.  I received no argument.  Come Sunday morning Angi and I headed out to the Main Street Thrift Store.  I heard tell they had quite the selection of used clothes (no, I don't buy new.  No point.  I destroy clothes the first day I wear them, as I have TWO dirty jobs!)  and upon arriving, discovered they do.  Actually the only thrift store I've ever been in that actually had a good selection of men's jeans, and therefore not forcing me to dig through a plethora of men's plaid dress slack...size 52 short!  Thing is, and for the life of me I couldn't understand WHY their used T-shirts were going for an average of $5.99 each!?!?  I mean...that's more than a NEW one at Wally World! A plain white Haynes T-shirt for $5.99!  You can buy them in packs of three for $6.98!  Conversly though, the jeans I got ranged from $2.99-$5.99 a piece, and the long sleeve shirts were roughly the same low price.  Camel, lined and insulted, with hood, ample pockets, High insulated collar that zips up, no sparse buttons to let the cold wind breeze through and comes down mid thigh with a pull cord to cinch up!  Oh I was in Heaven!  No more freezing cold rides home at 2.30 in the morning layered in several hoodies in a vain attempt at keeping the wind at bay!  Angi lucked out too and found a few good outfits, with accents that looked quite stunning on her.  With bags in hand we headed back home and got on the chores at hand, but we at least tried to just take it all a relaxing pace.  But, I still ended up having to schlep the laundry down.  Even though Elijah got it started for us, he had to get home and get rest for work, so at around midnight I had to go up and finish it.
So, this brings us to today!  Have gotten in three repairs already, so I'm hoping I can get them banged out quick and get SOMETHING built!
Here's hoping!
See a soon!

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  1. Main Street Thrift offers half price on all clothes every other Wednesday. Plan on buying the over-priced stuff then.