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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Digging Thru Debris

Well, another day under our belts.  Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, shower, rinse, repeat.  Today wasn't bad though, by any means.  A few more drop offs, and a few quick fixes in the AM and sent both ladies cruisers to a new home.  Odd though, the couple moved from HERE!?  Talk about Veloist shock!  I hear they're quite friendly to bicycles there.  Not so much in Florida.  Not to mention never having experiencing a summer here.  Oh, that should send them running!
Managed to get two sweet rides out as well.  A real sharp looking ladies Jamis hybrid and a nice MTB DBS!  Got another ladies MTB in the rack and will bang on it tomorrow.
Had a parts picker in, too and we started ah jawin about some of
the rides hes flipped, and swapped war stories.  Too funny, seems nobody has anything good to say about "offer up"!  Yea, give us Craigslist any old day!  Too many people wanting to pay you ten percent of your asking price than getting PO'D at you when you refuse the offer!  I maybe blunt, but rarely rude...except to a few"tenacious" bottom feeders on there.  They coukd make the Pope drop the F bomb!
Tonight at the plant was even slower sadly.  They were so bored they even offered to let ME weld!
Oh yea....THAT'S a good idea!  We'd all be cinder!  No thanks, I'll stick to my wood working!
Well beyond all that, not much new to report, so I'll sign off early and go scour off the filth.
See y'all soon!

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